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iphone 4 bought in best buy


iphone 4 bought in best buy

my friend  took iphone 4 for me  on september in best buy  i want it without contract because i live in turkey.but when i insert my sim card there is no signal that means it is with simlock. but i told my friend and he told sellerin best buy it is used in turkey. he paid 770$ for it i think this price is for without contract isnt it.

my question is how can i change this situation for factory code what ı can do please help me i write emei number for control.

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thank you for all help 

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Re: iphone 4 bought in best buy

You cannot unlock a US GSM iPhone - it is locked to AT&T even if bought without contract.


There is no way to unlock it via Apple or AT&T. You are free to explore unofficial options for unlocking the device, but no one here will help with that, and it is probably far better to sell it and get the correct version for your country.


The correct way to do this is to purchase your phone from your region's sales partners/carriers or Apple Turkey, Apple won't even provide support for a US iPhone in Turkey.


Find a local provider here


This comes up often - apparently no one understands the difference between "no contract" and "unlocked"


No iPhones are sold in the US unlocked. They are only sold with or without a contract.


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