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iphone 3gs mms stopped working on prepaid plan


iphone 3gs mms stopped working on prepaid plan

Ok so I have a 3gs, i've had it for 3 weeks on the prepaid att plan. Its jailbroken, and I I set my apn settings so that it will get data. I have used it fine for 3 weeks with NO issues. I use data and send and recieve mms fine. until yesterday. Now my data is still working but I cannot send or recieve mms. I called att and of course they gave me the whole iphone isnt supported on prepaid thing, however they did help me and we went through all the settings and she even gave me 10mb of data (i had used my data package already, but even though I had used it, the phone was still working fine) anyway even after she added the data I still cannot get mms, but data works fine. so basically she said at the end Im sorry Ive done all i can on this end it must be the system.  I dont buy that crap.


So Im sitting here thinking ok its bull that they say iphone isnt supported yet I can use any other smarphone which has probably better capabilities than my 3gs which is about to be archaic, so I suppose thats another apple deal which is why at the hear I frikin hate apple. But anyhow so i call back today and I and say like oh i have a tmobile smartphone thats unlocked and its been working fine for three weeks and i havnt touched any settings and the guy is like well if its tmobile it wont work on data. and i say I told u its been working fine for 3 wks and u realize it is possible regardless of what your boss tells u that any gsm phone can be unlocked and configured to work on your network and have all data features working. Hes like yes but it has to be the phone settings. I got so annoyed I just hung up.


Im pretty sure it has to do with the provisioning but how can i get someone to fix it? (BTW they did tell me it was provisioned for data so IDK)

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Re: iphone 3gs mms stopped working on prepaid plan

As the AT&T rep explained to you on the phone, the iPhone is not supported or authorized for use on pre-paid plans.


Either google for help or get a post paid plan.  We cannot offer assistance here on how to circumvent AT&T's policies.

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Re: iphone 3gs mms stopped working on prepaid plan

honestly no one here or at at&t will probably help since you're breaking rules.
and as far as if you had a tmobile phone, yah it can work but its not our phone so only experienced agents like myself would be able to help you since we don't have information on those phones.

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Re: iphone 3gs mms stopped working on prepaid plan

No one is breaking any rules by popping an AT&T prepaid SIM card into their own GSM phone. Implying that you could answer the question but won't because this customer is abrogating his/her AT&T's contract indicates (1) You either haven't read or haven't understood the service contracts you're selling; (2) You're quick to misrepresent what you don't know about said contracts; (3) You're just as quick to make legalistic threats against AT&T customers to dissuade them from asking perfectly reasonable questions that threaten to reveal your own technical ignorance. {please keep it courteous}

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Re: iphone 3gs mms stopped working on prepaid plan

I would like to thank everyone for taking the time to post your comments and opinions related to this topic. This topic has been thoroughly discussed and will now be closed.

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