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ipad 2 3g probs


ipad 2 3g probs

Hi there 


SO i have a ipad 2 3g and i am using the 3g with at&t service 2gb plan for 28days. I used it fine for 2 months it excepted my credit card and all was good. now when i update my account or try and put anew data plan on it gives the Q1019 error and says pls validate the highlighted parts, I have done this 100 times now and it just wont except my info and all y details are correct this is very frustrating pls can some tell what i need to do to make this work. I have heard things online about info not being correct on my account pls pls can someone helpe asap

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Re: ipad 2 3g probs

I would call AT&T's customer care and explain this issue to them as they will be better able to assist you with account related problems.
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