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inconsistent online billing


inconsistent online billing

All right folks heres my problem. I am purchasing internet and tv through ATT. my bill came to 71.96. The deal was that it was going to cost about 5 bucks more if i didn't pay it by 1/26/11. Well, i couldn't pay it by that date so as you would think, i would have to pay a bit extra. I am going to pay my bill now and it says i owe 71.96. There is no indication that I havent payed my bill. I should be sent a notification via email saying hey you didnt pay your bill this is how much it is going to cost you now. I guess i'm not running the company though.


I'm going to pay 78 just to be sure....but come on people you need to really get your 'act' together on this website. The layout is confusing and doing anything is overly complicated. I mean look at my billing options ....(1) stored payment profile (2) previously used visa card (3) checking/savings account, (4) credit/debit card (5) mail payment (6) pay at authorized payment location. Whats the point? Am I going to get online to pay via mail?


I just tried to pay 78 dollars on my bill and immediately it notified me that "the amount you are attempting to pay is greater than the balance on your account, do you wish to proceed?" but i know that if i were to only pay 71.96 that i would be charged late fees.


Did i mention that 71.96 is about 20 bucks more than what i'm supposed to be paying? but thats another story altogether.


bottom line, ATT is awful and once my contract is up i'm never giving this useless company a dime of my money again.

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Re: inconsistent online billing

The late fee of $5.00 will be charged to your next bill. Your current bill will never be changed unless you have had to call customer service for a charge/credit on the account, but late fees, reconnection fees, termination fees, etc, are all charged on the next bill.


Hope this helps!

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Re: inconsistent online billing

I have an your bill on time and you won't have to worry about "figuring" out your payment amount...just a thought.

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Re: inconsistent online billing

I don't understand your question it's pretty self explanatory. Pay on time avoid fees and if you can't afford the service don't have it. Companies never add on fees to the current bill as the billing department has already created the bill and sent it out. They can no longer edit the bill to add fees they can only bill you addition late fees on your next bill cycle. If you pay extra of course their going to ask you if you're sure as they want to let you know what you over pay will be credited to you on your next bill cycle. {please keep it courteous}

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Re: inconsistent online billing

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