incoming messages and unlimited data plan.


incoming messages and unlimited data plan.

First, id like to start with does incoming messages count as a text? i am currently using the 1000 text plan and am wondering if it does count. I am repeatly getting spams from people i do not know about and i am afraid that it may cause me to go over my limit of 1000 messages. If not then it shouldn't be a problem for me. Second, does anybody know if AT&T will ever have the unlimited data plan back? I have been told that it might because as competition goes with Verizon, they might as well take it back. Anybody have any info about this?

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Re: incoming messages and unlimited data plan.

Both incoming and outgoing messages count against your allotment.


As of right now no the unlimited data plan is not coming back.  Right now we have to wait as there has already been talk Verizon will eventually be getting rid of theirs.  But even if they don't it will take AT&T a while before they even make a decision.  Maybe later this year or next year.

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