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impossible to delete unwanted "spam" icons/apps from AT&T


impossible to delete unwanted "spam" icons/apps from AT&T

I DO NOT WANT AT&T Navigator, Mobile Banking, Where?, Fandango, Visual Voicemail, ESPN, CNN, TWC, Blooberg, ATT Apps Center, ATT Music, Slacker Radio, Podcasts, Web Video Search, Snap, MemoPad, Voice Dialing, Live TV or PrimTime2Go on my phone or my kids' phones!  If they are accidentally opened, I'm charged--and have been.  These are impossible to delete!  I feel like I'm spammed by my provider!

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Re: impossible to delete unwanted "spam" icons/apps from AT&T

every carrier does this.
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Re: impossible to delete unwanted "spam" icons/apps from AT&T

Unfortunately what your experiencing with your cell phones is called carrier branding.  Whether it be AT&T , T Mobile , Verizon , the phones all  come to you pre programed with all that hard locked carrier software like what you've mentioned.   There are only 2 ways around this and both aren't very appealing.   # 1  When you've decided your favorite phone , call the manufacturer directly and ask them if they also offer an unbranded version ,  since some models are also made for the  European market , and cell phones are not locked  and branded in Europe , this is just an American thing ( go figure )  But be warned , unbranded phones directly from the manufacturer are very expensive because they have no carrier backing in the US.  I purchased a Nokia N75 directly from the Nokia factory in Finland ,  because I didn't want all the AT&T app's on there, and the phone cost $457.00 as opposed to $99.00 for the AT&T version with a 2 year contract.  # 2  There are some softwares such as the Nokia Nemesis flasher which you download and install on your PC , connect the phone via USB and you can flash a European registeration code to your phone and then update the software and when it reinstalls it will give you the unbranded software.  Once again , in doing this you cant make any mistakes or you'll brick your phone and thats the end.  If your kids aren't mature enough to understand , dont open these applications , then they're probably not mature enough for a cell phone period ( just food for thought ) 

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Re: impossible to delete unwanted "spam" icons/apps from AT&T

Have you found a way to get rid of these uneccesary apps that are placed on our phones?  I understand the intent is to fill AT&T coffers with more money, and THAT IS THE ONLY REASON.  After all, if you need a map, you go to Google and install their version of maps which is outstanding, and it's free.  


AT&T, don't you make enough money already?  


I'm actually looking for a way to make my phone faster since all this Timescape stuff is completely useless, yet loads up every time I turn the phone on.  I don't use it.  I don't want it.  It's a hog, and it makes my phone completely undesirable.



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Re: impossible to delete unwanted "spam" icons/apps from AT&T

Create a new file folder and move all of the unwanted icons there.

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