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iTunes music to iPhone


iTunes music to iPhone

i want to put music from iTunes on my home computer to my work iPhone.  I currently sync the iPhone with my work computer to get all my outlook information, but I don't know what will happen if i hook the iPhone up to my home computer.  Is there a way i can share ONLY the music from my home iTunes so i can put it on the iPhone and also use my iPod?  I do use the same iTunes account for both home and work accounts.
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Re: iTunes music to iPhone

Depending on your corporate policy, if they let you sync your office iPhone to the home computer iTunes, you can add your music and videos to the iPhone. Unless it's your iPhone and corporate outlook account, then you can add your music and videos from home instead.


To transfer files from your home computer to work computer, you would use a USB thumb drive and upload as much as possible.

Then go to your office computer and add to the iTunes Music folder on the office computer.

Then Store/Authorize Account, then File/Import Music and choose iTunes Music folder. 

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Re: iTunes music to iPhone

Sorry to hijack the thread, but perhaps a related question: can you sync the Iphone to more then one computer assuming the same ITunes account is used?   If so, would that solve the problem you are having?  Maybe the option in the Iphone settings on Itunes regarding sync  the contact information from your computer can be set differently for each computer assuming you can sync with more then one machine.


Does your company use an Exchange Server?  If so, can't you sync your Outlook Info via the internet and use your home computer Itunes account for manage your apps, music etc.?  Since the IPhone doesn't support the Outlook Tasks or Notes, everything that it does support is synced via Push with an Exchange Server. 

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Re: iTunes music to iPhone

The iPhone is "supposed" to only by synched to one computer.  Another one of Apple's terrible restrictions on an otherwise nice device.  You can make it happen, but it requires some hacking of the .xml file in the iTunes Library, and a Hex Editor.


Otherwise, if you try to hookup your iPhone to a second computer, it will attempt to erase all the songs from your iPhone, and you will no longer be able to synch with the first (work) computer.


Other options include (as suggested above) copy your music to your work computer, authorize it to play there (you can authorize up to 3 computers). 


Or you can just sync to your home computer, and use your work's Exchange server to grab Outlook email, contacts, etc.  There really isn't any reason why you need to physically hook up your iPhone to your work computer to get your Outlook emails.

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Re: iTunes music to iPhone

I have my i-phone synched with my home pc and my work pc.  I believe you are allowed at least 3 pcs to synch with, mabye 5.  Not sure on the exact amount, but I know it is more than 1.  The way to do it is to load i-tunes onto your home pc.  Plug in your i-phone, go to the i-phone, and it up to only synch the music on you home pc.


That is how I do it, go te music on my home pc, contacts and calendar on work pc and they are both on my i-phone.  Works fine.  It has been a while since I set it up but I remember having to be a bit careful initially because it asks you about merging things and you need to pay attention.  But if you JUST want your home music, it should be a snap.  Only set it up to synch music on your home pc and nothing else, then at work, everything BUT music.  (my i-phone is personal but it is nice having my work calendar on it.)


Hope you can make some sense of this.....but  it does work.


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Re: iTunes music to iPhone

Did a bit more research based on the post above.  Seems like you can sync info like contacts on multiple computers, but you can only sync your iTunes music on one computer (without the hack I linked above)?  Its not completely clear.  Sounds like the OP wants to synch music with the home PC, synch Outlook info with the work PC, and this seems to be possible.  Worth a try anyway.
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