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iTunes 10.5 Issue


iTunes 10.5 Issue

I upgraded from iTunes 10.1 to 10.5 on my XP netbook. iPhone 4 uses OS 4.0.1. Afterwards, iTunes synchs a lot slower. It worked once, but didn't finish. I uninstalled and renstalled iTunes. And now, when I synch, it it goes through steps 1-3 fairly quickly, doesn't synch my apps and doesn't synch the contacts. A message comes up, saying it "can't finsh the synch, because the backup session failed". What does that mean?

My wife has an iPhone 3 synchng to a different laptop (iTunes 10.1). Should I be able to synch my iPhone to that computer instead?

When I tried to do it, it finshed in seconds. Then I noticed that the apps option was unchecked. When I checked it, it warned me that all my programs would be affected. So I didn't. I suppose the Contacts synch would say the same thing. I don't want to lose my contacts.

Any suggestions? Thanks! Scott

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