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iPhone with renewing family contract


iPhone with renewing family contract

Hi, I currently I have iPhone 3G with my mom having non smartphone under one family plan that is past the two year contract. We are the only two on the family plan with no one else. My phone is old and slow so i want to get the deal from target/ radioshack for iPhone 4. If I use the upgrade choice to upgrade my iPhone 3G to iPhone 4, will my mom be able to get another iPhone at same price in the future?

What im planning to do is to get iPhone 4 now under my phone number since I have unlimited data plan and when new iPhone comes out in the future, I want to use my mother's line to get the new iPhone when it becomes available and switch the phone. That way I get to use the new iPhone while she gets to use iPhone 4. Of course no one knows when the new iPhone will come out so I need to know if what I explained is possible as well as getting the reduced phone price for renewing/ upgrading, so tht if the new phone is 200 with renewal/ new contract, she could get the phone for that price.

Hope I don't confuse people too much and explained it clearly.
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Re: iPhone with renewing family contract

Yes you can use your upgrade today for you then use hers then swap iPhones without a problem.  Just call aTT to ensure that they have the right iPhones on the right number and be very clear so they do not drop your unlimited data plan in the process.


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