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iPhone tips and tricks


iPhone tips and tricks

I got my iPhone 4s on release day I'm new to AT&T and this is my very first iPhone so I wanted to know if anyone has secret tips or tricks to make it more efficient or cool little things that newbies wont know
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Re: iPhone tips and tricks

hold the power button  and press the home key to take a screen  shot.

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Re: iPhone tips and tricks

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Re: iPhone tips and tricks

Here's a list of all 200 new features. You may need to google (er, BING) them to find out how to use/enable some of them. Like the built-in emoji keyboard (neat!) or custom vibration patterns (also neat)
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Re: iPhone tips and tricks

Power button + Home Key screenshot feature is really nice! If you pay bills on your iPhone like I do, it's easy to keep a copy of the receipt.
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Re: iPhone tips and tricks

goofin around with siri ....i found if you put address info for any one in contact list...take me to so so house it will give you directions to them..

**Also if you say to siri so so is my boy friend or ect.  she will ask ! do you want me to remember this ...and she will ! try it!

then say to her who is my boy friend ,sister ect ..she will bring up the contact for that person..

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Re: iPhone tips and tricks

I use the copy and paste feature all the time. That's how I'm able to quote on this Forum. Smiley Wink

The voice control feature is cool. Hold down the home button for about three seconds and say a command, although this is probably much like Siri already is.

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