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iPhone in the USVI?


iPhone in the USVI?

We have the iPhone - does anyone know if the phone, including e-mail and apps like facebook will work in the USVI?  We'll be traveling to St. John and I want to know if I'll be able to keep in touch with work and family back home.  If it does work, are there additional charges?

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Re: iPhone in the USVI?

The US Virgin Islands is in the domestic coverage area and there should not be any extra charges for voice or data.


I read of one person actually getting international charges because they connected to a non-US tower, British Virgin Islands or something like that.  To be safe on the towers your connecting to (for those that are paranoid like I am), you can ask ATT to add the "4EON" feature code to your line(s).  This way if you connect to a non-US tower you will see "Off-Network" instead of the normal "AT&T" in the top left corner so you would know not to place a call.  


Also leave Data Roaming turned off in the settings so you can't use any data from non-ATT towers.

Settings >General > Network > Data Roaming



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