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iPhone/iPad users with AT&T DSL & Microcell beware?


iPhone/iPad users with AT&T DSL & Microcell beware?

I have the combination of AT&T DSL & Microcell (which of course is hooked to the AT&T modem). 


I was suddenly (over the past few months) having problems connecting to the internet with my iPhone & iPad. The speeds went from none, to super slow, to better, to sometimes OK. The other mystery of this was I had full bars (via wifi), so I knew it was not a weak signal problem. 


I contacted AT&T twice. The first time, they checked out my modem settings, which were already set for "full power," and "full coverage." Then they turned me over to Apple, believing it to be an Apple problem. Apple had no solutions other than to "reset the network," "restart the devices," the typical solutions. The last time I called AT&T they eventually sent me to the "upper tier," and, the conclusion was the modem was working perfectly.


After that, I got to thinking, what if it's the Microcell? So this morning I disconnected the Microcell, and guess what? I've got the wifi speed back for all my devices. So perhaps this is one more shortcoming to add to the list of a severely dysfunctional product, at least for quite a few it seems, from reading the posts and my own experience with the product. 


To be fair, I'll continue testing over a few days to make absolutely certain that this was no coincidence (which I'd have a hard time believing it is/was). But if this is true, the AT&T DSL/Microcell combination, could be undermining their own DSL service. Perhaps it's not all that simple, but, it's something to ponder & put into the mix for all to see and draw their own conclusions (and if they choose to experiment). 

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Re: iPhone/iPad users with AT&T DSL & Microcell beware?

I had a similar problem with my WiFi (including iPad) devices.  What I did was to change the WiFi channel and it seemed to fix the problem.

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Re: iPhone/iPad users with AT&T DSL & Microcell beware?

Interesting.  What channel did you go from and to on the WiFi network?  I'm no wireless engineer, but I would think they opperate in very different frequencies (cell signal at 850mhz/1900mhz, 802.11 at 2.4, 3.6 or 5Ghz) that they would not interfere.

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Re: iPhone/iPad users with AT&T DSL & Microcell beware?

2.4 GHz is "near" 1.9 GHz. In our area, the macro network is all on 850 MHz, but the Microcell is on 1.9 GHz. We haven't, so far as I know, had any sort of interference between the Microcell and WiFi, however.


If you suspect that is the problem, then I would choose the highest WiFi channels possible - under the presumption that the widest frequency separation you can get would be best.


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