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iPhone Searching solutions (at least for me it works)


iPhone Searching solutions (at least for me it works)

SYMPTOMS - iPhone 4 iOS 5 with an ATT Microcell ... phone goes into SEARCHING at least10 times a day NO MATTER OF MY LOCATION (home or miles away)


SOLUTION - unplug Microcell .... I know it seems like the MIcrocell could not influence the iPhone when it is not at home BUT the fact is that the Microcell and the ATT towers have to share info deciding who has the phone.  I have now proven this multiple times by testing - plug Microcell back in and the problem returns, unplug Microcell and the problem goes away again.


I TRIED to tell ATT and after talking to 4 of their technical people telling me that this is impossible I gave up .... problem is they each worked for either the Microcell side or the voice side and neither wanted to say it was their part at fault .... but in the technology the 2 sides MUST come together somewhere in the ATT computers or switch gear.



ME - only to show I may have a little bit of background for this - retired Electronics Engineering working for 33 years for a major corporation doing large scale computer work


All the problems I have had with this Microcell i regret having spent $250 to get it but I did so because ATT told be it would solve some weak signal issues in my house.  They wont fix any of it but they got my $250.

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Re: iPhone Searching solutions (at least for me it works)

Go buy a mywi from Verizon, , or a portable data radio from sprint or clear, or A tmo mobile hotspot, drop your voice plan and FaceTime fring or Skype.

AT&T voice service is ghetto, but the bit rate is fast and consistent. Trading voice service for a vertical redundant data channel is a no brainer when you get burned on microcell.
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Re: iPhone Searching solutions (at least for me it works)



Solution continues to work great ..... not one failure of the phone (searching) during the ten days the microcell has been unplugged ... phone would normally have failed at least 100 times in those ten days

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Re: iPhone Searching solutions (at least for me it works)



Solution continues to work perfectly ... not one failure since unplugging the MicroCell .... phone use to fail 10+ times a day

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