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IMEI# <personal information removed>


They said when I went to the store that they can see it is still attached to my account.

But when someone puts in their SIM it will change the IMEI to theirs.

BUT they said they WILL NOT tell me the thieves information!


Someone stole my Daughters iPhone at the <personal information removed> middle school today 
They must have removed the SIM immediately because find my iPhone doesn't see it. 
The serial number is <personal information removed>
It is a Black iPhone 4 32gb in perfect condition. 

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Re: iPhone STOLEN and Apple CONDONE STEALING????

Thatsmyname wrote:
CDMA phones cannot be activated if it's reported as stolen. They use ESNs to identify the phone. I assume that's why---different texhnologies. The phone can't be activated if it is tied to the account in any way, either. If the previous owner has an unpaid balance, or is active with or without a contract, no one else can take it and activate it. Their system will not allow it.

The drawback in this is, there's no hope of getting of getting the phone back. Even with a police report. They cant track it because there's nothing to track... The good thing about that... The phone is forever a brick..."Thats what you get for stealing it!". >Smiley Happy

yes they can. have a friend she  is in a wheel chair some looser snatched her iphone out of her hand and ran off with it. a family member with her called AT&T ASAP shut the iphone down. abut month later on criagslist seen a iphone with the same color case and markings. i acted like i wanted to buy it. so i met the seller/thief. i said is it activated? he said yes on my account you can send a text and make a call to make sure it works. it worked fine i paid the 100$ for it and 10 minutes later came back  with the cops proved it was her iphone she kept the serial number and imei on her in her purse written down. cops had the police report and serial and IMEI on the report. you sell this iphone to this man for 100$ yes officer. good your going to jail it was stolen from her. my brother gave it to me he said he found it in a mall parking lot.   my reply was **NO NO* he snatched from her hand she is in a wheel chair as you can see. he gave his borther up and he got  arrested also. after a quick confession   he said they do snatch and grabs on cell  phones to sell for quick cash.


so yes i can be activated.   it was reported to AT&T and local police.

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Re: iPhone STOLEN and Apple CONDONE STEALING????

I know GSM phones can be activated after being stolen. I was speaking of CDMA phones, I thought they could not be activated, apparently they can, with some work. <br><br>I'm glad you caught that Person (i used another word, for him, but its prohibited haha) That's terrible.
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Re: iPhone STOLEN and Apple CONDONE STEALING????

I'm just very sure that if a bunch of phones were stolen off a truck, or off the loading dock at Apple Corp., AT&T and Apple wouldn't allow those particular phones to be activated or used.

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ATT will not help when it comes to iPhone theft?

On October 26th 2011

My Daughters iPhone 4 handed down from me after I upgraded to the iPhone 4s was stolen from her locker while at school. Yes I did have the Find my iPhone feature enabled. I sent a lock code and even a message, but it never showed up on the GPS.

It looks like the person who stole the iphone was smart about it. I'm thinking they booted the iPhone in DFU mode and reinstalled the IOS bypassing the lock code.


Next we make a Police report and I visit the local ATT store.

While at the store I asked about the iPhone's IMEI# code. This is a number specific to every cell phone. It allows ATT to see that you are using an iPhone and start billing you a data plan. When the first iPhone came out some people figured out a way to spoof the IMEI and make the iPhone look like a dumb cell phone so ATT wouldn't know and start the data charge. But you would always just have to use WIFI only. So there is proof that ATT knows what cell phone you are using by the IMEI#.


So I ask about tracking the IEMI# of the stolen iPhone. The ATT store representative looks at my account and says well the IMEI is still attached to your account because a new SIM card has not been installed. I say great, so when another person puts their SIM card into our STOLEN iPhone we will know who it is. She says YES but I am not allowed to tell you who it is without a court order. Really??? This makes no sense at all. A person has STOLEN our iPhone and ATT can see who it is by the IMEI# but will not help because of privacy issues. What about my rights as a consumer to retrieve if possible my STOLEN iPhone? After all ATT says they can see who it is by the IMEI# they just won't do a thing about it! Europe has a system that put stolen cell phones on a blacklist with the IMEI# and basically bricks the cell phone.


So if I could just find someone who knows another way of tracking the IMEI# or a cool ATT employee just happens to slip me the thieves info I would appreciate it. 

Thank you.

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Re: ATT will not help when it comes to iPhone theft?

This is nothing new and nothing specific to AT&T.

They do not provide information on individuals that activate a device on their network to anyone else without a court order.  It's called privacy.  You have no right to know that information.


Right now it's your word against another individual.


Report the device as stolen to AT&T to have service terminated.

Report the device as stolen to law enforcement.  Then they can get a court order for AT&T to hand over the information.


For all AT&T knows, you are stalking someone with the intent to do them harm.  They are simply protecting themselves from the legal fallout.

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Re: ATT will not help when it comes to iPhone theft?

Oh so I left out then the info about me holding the iPhone 4 box with the ATT store receipt inside. Yes I would think this proves the iPhone is mine.
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Re: ATT will not help when it comes to iPhone theft?

AT&T has to be careful. You have to remember that the person who stole your iPhone could have sold it to an unsuspecting person who doesn't know it's stolen and you get their info and go to their house and do something "stupid". Now is AT&T at fault for that stupid act? Leave it up to the authorities to track it down.
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Re: ATT will not help when it comes to iPhone theft?

The Police have been no help. Att has been no help. And I wasn't going to do something "stupid"
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Re: ATT will not help when it comes to iPhone theft?

First off I wish US carriers would blacklist stolen phones. You said it yourself that AT&T told you that it has not been activated so what do you want AT&T or the police for that matter to do? Wait for their phone to be activated and then you can call the police and they can get a court order to obtain the persons information. It sounds like you need to have a little patience.
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Re: ATT will not help when it comes to iPhone theft?

kcwarthog wrote:
Oh so I left out then the info about me holding the iPhone 4 box with the ATT store receipt inside. Yes I would think this proves the iPhone is mine.

No it doesn't It still does not give you the right to obtain someone's personal information - it is a violation of federal laws - and we all have the same protection under those laws no matter what. [Per Guidelines:  Keep it Relevant and Appropriate].




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Re: ATT will not help when it comes to iPhone theft?

Bottom line, AT&T isn't going to blacklist your IMEI or give you information on who might be using your phone on their network. They will only provide the information to the police in conjunction with a request associated with a police investigation or other legal subpena. The actual reason is irrelevant, as is what they do in other countries. There is no law in the US compelling them to blacklist phones or give out personal information, and in the absence of that, they won't. Right or wrong, unfortunately that's how it is. Many threads on this forum already on this topic (probably #2 on the list after AT&T's unlock policy).
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