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iPhone Part #MC640LL/A - Sold by AT&T - Apple Doesn't Recognize It!


iPhone Part #MC640LL/A - Sold by AT&T - Apple Doesn't Recognize It!

I bought an iPhone 3GS 8Gb from AT&T, sealed in shrink wrap, box label was marked MC640LL/A, had iCloud on the box and came with iOS 5.0, etc., opened it at the store and noticed some rough spots on the case and bezel. I took it home with me and got suspicious that it may be a refurb or used rather than brand new. It works OK as far as I can tell.


So, I called Apple Customer Service; the Apple Stores; AppleCare; and AT&T Customer Care to try to get a straight answer as to what my MC640LL/A really is:


1. Apple says it doesn't have any record of an MC640LL/A. It only sells an MC555LL/A 3GS 8Gb for AT&T. They also said AT&T has their own refurb operation and "does their own thing with used iPhones - They don't go back thru Apple".

2. Apple Stores sell only the MC555LL/A and said they think "an MC640LL/A may be an AT&T refurb."

3. AT&T Customer Care said they don't know what it is, either, because their sales documents only reference an MC555LL/A. They "think it might be a newer model but can't rule out a refurb or previously-owned and updated iPhone."

4. Five Orlando area AT&T-authorized agent stores are selling the MC640LL/A as a new phone. Two Walmarts and three AT&T corporate stores are selling the MC555LL/A and have never heard of the MC640LL/A.


So, what the heck is an MC640LL/A? New? Used? Refurb?


I have another week to go in my 30 day satisfaction period and this baby goes back if I can't get a straight answer from AT&T as to what they actually sold me....


Anybody find a written reference from Apple or AT&T as to what this MC640LL/A really is????


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Re: iPhone Part #MC640LL/A - Sold by AT&T - Apple Doesn't Recognize It!

go to settings>>>>then General>>>>about scroll down to see the serial number i think there is a way to telll its a refurb,if you have your doubts you have 30 days to return the iphone.

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