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iPhone OS5 update DISASTER on 3 phones...cant send email!!!


iPhone OS5 update DISASTER on 3 phones...cant send email!!!

This is the first time I've ever jumped on a new update when it was released,....WHAT A MISTAKE!!!!


First of all when I did the update, I lost several apps....they just dissapeared.  And yes I sync the apps first in itunes.


Then on all 3 phones done on 3 different PCs, I got an error pop up at the end of the sync saying "iPhone pairing not found"


Afterwards I did the restore and it did update to OS5 but all my pictures from my PC picture sync folder were gone.  To correct this, I copied my pictures to a new directory and sync'd those.....and the new ones showed up...but guess  what did the old ones!!! From where I dont know, because that directory did not exist any longer....they just appeared out of "nowhere"


But these are "minor" problems, compared to my email issues.


I've used the ATT outgoing mail server  for years on all my hosted website email accounts, on all three phones....but since this upgrade ALL email accounts NO LONGER can send out emails over the CWMX.COM server!!!!


I spent hours on the line talking wiht ATT support....a lot of that time talking to well intentioned people who did not know the difference between a Space Bar and a Backspace key....VERY frustrating trying to explain that putting http in from of the CWMX.COM is NOT going to solve the problem!


Then after getting to level 2 support more time discussing issues that have nothing to do with the problem, and then finally.....who knows if it is true or telling me that ATT is plagued with issues ever since the OS5 update.


After that they shluf me off to Apple support where I repeat the process, but at least after an hour, they confirm that there is nothing wrong with the iphone, that the problem appears to be with ATT outgoing servers.  APparently ATT made changes to thouse servers to accomodate the new iPhone 4s......hmmmmmmm!


They then tell me to just create a GMAIL account and use THEIR outgoing server.  Great it works....only problem is the mail sent through GMAIL ends up at the recipient with the return address at GMAIL!!!!!  DUH!


Then they suggest going back to ATT support, which I did...another hour on the phone, only to get a ticket number and promiss to have a call back the next day.

To my surprise I got a call back but only to start the circular conversation with the well intended support person trying to tell me that I HAVE to use my hosting account OUTGOING mailserver settings because thats where outgoing mail has to go to !!!!!!


WHAT??????  Well too bad, that my hosting company does not allow that.....and even if they did.....what the heck has happened to the CWMX.COM ATT outgoing server????????


I've been using this on 3 phones for YEARS AND YEARS, and now after the OS5 upgrade it NO LONGER WORKS!


All 3 phones can RECEIVE email through my hosts incoming mail server....just cannot send mail using any outgoing servers.


ATT claims I am the only person with an iphone that is having this problem.


One phone down....I can believe it.  3 phones down with same problem, updated on 3 different PCs over the course of a week.....I dont believe it is just me.


Please anyone, if you have any ideas of what the heck is going on let me know....I have not had any solutions forthcoming from ATT.

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Re: iPhone OS5 update DISASTER on 3 phones...cant send email!!!



I just fixed the problem.


On a whim I decided to trace the CWMX server and find out the IP address.


The address is returned as


I put that IP in the place of CWMX.COM and saved it, then tried to send email and voila away it went!






Jeeze...2 days pleading with them to escalate this to their mail server people and all they can do is tell me to use my Hosting peoples outgoing server. 

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Re: iPhone OS5 update DISASTER on 3 phones...cant send email!!!

The same thing is happening on my phone!  Originally it went through gmail, but then it kept sending work emails from my personal account which I don't want at all.  Then I added the at&t outgoing server and now my mail just sits in the outbox for eternity! 

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