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iPhone - A slew of questions (thanks in advance)


iPhone - A slew of questions (thanks in advance)

** wasn't 100% sure if this topic is better suited here or elsewhere  -  please feel free to move if needed **


hey party people


1. when it comes to purchasing the iPhone, is there a benefit to purchasing at att vs apple (or vice versa)?


2. what is the very best insurance/protection plan i should be considering when purchasing an iPhone?


3. is it true that all iPhone issues need to be addressed to apple and not att?  if so, am i assuming that this would be anything other than service related issues (dropped calls, can't access features, no internet, etc)?


4. for current iPhone 4 users, does the free bumper/case from apple solve your reception issue?  i'm assuming 3gs does not have this issue.


5. for all current iPhone users, what are your top 3 accessory add-ons (zagg shield, sleeve, etc?)


6. can apps be downloaded to pc and then transferred to iPhone?  if so, im assuming this would not affect the data usage, correct?


7. when considering the best option to possibly have fees waived or costs reduced, would i have better luck with att sales by phone, walk-in store, or with apple?


and finally,


8. for those who have used both the 3gs and the 4... is the jump to 4 worth the extra $100?



well, those are my questions/concerns.  thanks for taking time to read.  looking forward to hearing what everyone has to say.  thanks again. take care.





one more question...


9. with the bumper/case program ending september 30th... does apple have plans to release a phone that corrects the antenna placement or something similar?  if so, would it be best to wait until then to purchase?

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Re: iPhone - A slew of questions (thanks in advance)

Note that Android OS has certain flaws in software wise compared to the iPhone OS and i4 hardware wise.


1. iPhone 4's antenna problem, maybe, but Captivate does drop a little in signal too. In some areas, it'll both go no service as you don't have a very good coverage area. At 5 bars, they don't drop like a stone very easily.


2. Android OS has been commented on Droid X and Captivate is similar in too much data checking over iPhone 4. This is mainly due to the Unified Inbox system. FaceBook, Twitter, IMs, Mail, etc all run at once in the foreground either on minutely or set to hourly refreshes. iPhone does not check these repeatedly but requires separate applications of each type and none of them run in the foreground. You have to refresh by opening one by one. FB by itself, Twitter by itself, IM by itself, and Mail adjusted to Fetch by Hourly not Push for Google and a few others.


3. iPhone has more accessories than the 10s of Android devices out there including Captivate. Captivate only has Micro USB and 'Universal' car chargers and docks whereas iPhone has tons of third party contracts done like TomTom Car Kit for iPhone or BOSE Sound Dock for iPhone.


4. Samsung has many issues right now to deal with on their Galaxy S models compared to the iPhone like you can't upload photos from the Samsung apps or AT&T apps.


5. AT&T modified the Captivate and added loads of Bloatware and Instant Monthly charges from the many blogs out there. Like clicking "Where" requires a subscription, or AT&T's 10 applications they have added to the Captivate all require a subscription added to your phone bill.

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Re: iPhone - A slew of questions (thanks in advance)

thanks for your input joseph.


still on the fence with which phone would better suit my needs.  i am still leaning towards the 3gs.  going to the att store again tonight.  we'll see what happens.

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Re: iPhone - A slew of questions (thanks in advance)

okay guys... stepped into an att store 12 minutes before closing, didn't hesitate, didn't wander over to the captivate to change my mind... walked straight up to the csr and asked to order a 3gs. 


she took my info, my cc, asked if i needed a $120 bluetooth device (told her no), asked if i needed any accessories (told her no), asked to verify my home address for shipping the phone... i asked why i couldn't have it shipped to the store (she said they dont do that anymore), i asked again (she replied the same... i was told 1 day earlier at a store a few miles away that this was okay with them)...  when i told her i dont want it shipped to the house because they dont require a signature, i could tell that she was surprised i knew that.   she hesitated a bit, and said i could have it shipped to my work.  i questioned that i thought it had to be shipped to the billing address on the account, she said no.  so i gave her my work address. 


she then tried to force upon me the applecare program.  i told her i was not interested in it until my 12 months was nearing an end (again she was surprised i knew that).   all in all, a decent ordering process.  she didnt try to get me into a higher plan.  i told her exactly what i wanted (which i think may have surprised her also, a customer knowing exactly what they wanted).  i will say that i'm not sure if it was due to the time i got there, but she was a bit arrogant.  her mannerisms were too over the top for any csr to act in front of a customer.  even the chatter she was having with a co-worker while writing me up  was something i, or any customer, didnt need to hear.  i would rate the order process a 3/5.



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