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iPhone 4s work w/3G Microcell?


iPhone 4s work w/3G Microcell?

Can anyone tell me if the new iPhone 4S will work with my 3G Microcell. I have to use the microcell to get coverage in the house. I realize tat it will slow down the 4G data and that's fine, I mainly need talk and text capability at home. I'm dumping my Samsung Captivate due to Samsung's decision not to upgrade OS beyond Eclaire. Thanks...Joe

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Re: iPhone 4s work w/3G Microcell?

There are several people in this post about battery drain saying they have 4S phones.



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Re: iPhone 4s work w/3G Microcell?

Depends on who you ask, apparently.  Mine works ok, no battery drain.  The only issue is the also often reported one in that when I return home it can take a while to reconnect, which was true on the old 3GS also.  Since I get anywhere from 0 to 3 bars of signal from my local towers, that isn't much of a surprise.

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