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iPhone 4s vs Samsung Galaxy Note


iPhone 4s vs Samsung Galaxy Note

I have the iPhone 4s and I'm considering switching to the note. I just wanted to see if anyone has made this change and how it worked out for them. The biggest concern I have is with my music. How difficult is it to get my music from iTunes to the note?

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Re: iPhone 4s vs Samsung Galaxy Note

I did this transition.. I like the awesomeness of Note. You can download Samsung Kies on your PC and easily import your music to your new phone.


First go through these threads (procedure is same for Note):


Once you get in to the Android.. you will forget the word PC.. lol

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Re: iPhone 4s vs Samsung Galaxy Note

iPhone 4S vs AT&T Note - Not sure, it's pretty close to even.


vs. International Note - No contest, the real Note wins hands-down.

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Re: iPhone 4s vs Samsung Galaxy Note

Never used iPod Agent suggested above.  But iSyncr (on the Android Play Market) works wonderfully well to sync iTunes music and playlists to an Android device.  Just install the app to the phone, a small app gets installed on your PC, and when you connect your phone, it launches iSync.  From there, you can sync whatever playlists you want to your phone.

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Re: iPhone 4s vs Samsung Galaxy Note

AT&T Note is hungry for an ICS Update.


Right now.. it is closely comparable to Iphone 4S. In some aspects 4S make its way much better.


But these two devices are completely different.. comparison is difficult..


Note has some awesome features.. which makes it superior.. but on general performance (simple usage) iphone takes lead..


Note has some lags, freezes as the OS it has currently is not justifying..


In my office I had same scenario.. I was debating with my colleague.. He has iphone 4S and I was showing him the awesome features of my Note. He operated my Note for an hour and said.. "This so called Phablet has more issues than it has that many features.." I agree it has many issues. :-(


He is happy with his iPhone because it is the smooth/best performance phone and totally satisfying him what he needs out of a smart phone.


I was unable to convince him. 85% of my office are iPhone users and I couldn't convince any one of them YET..


Summary: NOTE is hungry for an ICS update. If I would have ICS on my Note then I can challengely convince most of my friends and colleagues.

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