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iPhone 4s Upgrade - Bad Experience


iPhone 4s Upgrade - Bad Experience

My apologies if this isn't exactly the right section to post this complaint. I scoured the website looking for a feedback email / form but I've dumped too much time in to this at this point.


I recently decided to upgrade my aging 3GS to a 4s. I contacted AT&T Customer Service by phone to verify a few things (needed to confirm I could use the phone on my line if I used an upgrade available on a different line) and they talked me in to buying the upgrade with them at that time. I opted for the most affordable option; the iPhone 4s 16GB refurb. I've never had issues with refurbs in the past and I know apple refurbs need to meet certain guidelines to be resold (as the warranty is normally reset on them). I was happy with the upgrade and couldn't have been more excited when I got the phone and started using it. It was everything I hoped for and the whole upgrade experience was completely painless. Until...


I used the phone for a day or so and the battery life seemed... poor. I was going from 100% to 30% in about 4hrs of listening to music (it varied in severity but that was the worst). I followed all the tips... I updated to IOS 5.1... I disabled Bluetooth/GPS... reset network settings... nothing worked. There was obviously a battery problem of some kind (and the thing was getting surprisngly hot!). I called AT&T and they sent me to Apple. Apple offered to get me in for service at a local store but something really bothered me about the interaction. They told me I only had 200 days left on my warranty. They then explained to me that it appeared that AT&T had screwed up and failed to reset the warranty status of the device prior to reselling it as a refurb. This left me wondering what else they failed to do prior to reselling it as a refurb (like checking for obvious HW issues like a bad battery). Apple told me the only way to get my warranty fixed was to contact AT&T.


I called AT&T... got transferred around between departments a few times... then I was told I would need to either buy another phone or wait a few weeks to receive my replacement. They will not allow me to walk down to my local AT&T store to get it swapped out. I am also given NO guarantees that I wouldn't receive ANOTHER phone that wasn't "refurbed" properly. I'm visciously disappointed and annoyed by this poInt (and wondering just how convoluted the communication is between departments of a single company that they can't call my local AT&T store to help me out). AT&T had royally screwed up my upgrade so I have to either float them another chunk of cash or I have to wait a few weeks to get a replacement. Yuck.


I'm so sick with the situation at this point that I'm dropping the phone in the mail back to AT&T and I plan on slowly transferring my family service to another carrier as each line's contract expires.


Moral of the story... don't buy your phones/upgrades over the phone. I might have avoided facing the dark depths of AT&T's incompetence if I had just walked down to the little AT&T store where they got me my last upgrade.

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