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iPhone 4s - No Data - HELP!


iPhone 4s - No Data - HELP!

Having issues with my new iPhone 4s 3G data in my office building.


Here are the details:


Upgraded to 4s on 10/14 from iPhone 3Gs.  My old 3Gs worked fine in my office.

My iPhone 4s worked fine for the first week.

Last week on Tuesday when I came in to work, the phone says that I have 5 bars and 3G, but actually does not have any data.  I can get calls and texts no problem.

Over the course of last week, the phone would lose data as soon as I walked into my office building. 

Went to AT&T last Thursday - got a new sim card - did not fix the problem on Friday.  I was told by the AT&T folks that if the SIM card wasn't the issue, then it was the handset and to go to Apple.

Went to Apple on Friday and got a new phone.


Came into work this morning and same problem persists. Says I have 5 bars and 3G but there is no data - email, facebook, radio - nothing works.


Therefore, there has to be something wrong on AT&T's side. Other people in my office have the 4s and it works fine for them.  And my old 3GS worked fine at my desk.


I have reset network settings, done a hard reset, turned it off and on, closed all apps in the background.  Nothing works.  As soon as i leave my building at 5 tonight my data will likely work again.


Please let me know if you have any advice or help.  I am beyond frustrated with this.  :-(





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Re: iPhone 4s - No Data - HELP!

No idea. If other 4s users don't have an issue, it still seems like its your handset. Stand exactly where they stand and see if it works. Turn off Wifi and see if it works. Turn off 3G data and see if it works.
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Re: iPhone 4s - No Data - HELP!

I have a somewhat similar issue... About a week and a half ago, me and my wife were out at a store and both of phones lost service at the exact same time. She was inside the store and I was in the parking lot. The phones then went into a cycle of 45 seconds of full 3G signal and then 20 seconds of "Searching..." for signal. It was a true total loss of signal, no calls or data during that time. 


I've contacted AT&T several times. They have claimed it was tower problems... It has happened over an area of 30 miles. They have claimed it was my SIM card... It has been replaced twice. They have claimed it was my iPhone 4S... It have been swapped out. The issue is still happening. Supposedly the case has been elevated to engineering but I have yet to hear anything from them even after attempting to contact them and get some answers.


I have found two temporary workarounds. If I turn off Cellular Data the phones will stay connected. I just won't have any mobile data. If I swap our SIM cards and then swap them back, the phones work correctly for about a day and a half. Then they lock up and require a hard reset and start the cycle again.


I have about had it dealing with AT&T on this issue. 

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Re: iPhone 4s - No Data - HELP!

I have seen alot of people having issues with this, including myself. My regular iphone4 is working fine, but my 2 new 4's cant stream a video to save my life, it is strange. it is sad that even the old iphone 3 is faster than my 4s's. VERY aggravating.


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Re: iPhone 4s - No Data - HELP!

I too had same issue from day one. I tried restarting the phone it worked.

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Re: iPhone 4s - No Data - HELP!

I'm having this problem as well. After a restart things seem to be working fine for about 5 minutes, then data just cuts out.

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Re: iPhone 4s - No Data - HELP!

I'm having the exact same problems with two AT&T iPhone 4S phones (work and personal).  AT&T told me that they have exhausted all of their technical remedies, so they told me to talk to Apple.  I talked to Apple and guess what they told me?  Yup, you guessed it.  Apple told me the classic, the reliable, and the predictable, "Talk to AT&T!"  In other words, the old Tech Support Finger Point.  I think it could be either the device or the network, maybe even both.  The 3GS and 4 I had right before two 4S upgrades both worked very well (2+ down, 1+ up very consistently) just about everywhere, including inside at work.  Now, I'm lucky to see 2G EDGE speeds under the best of circumstances.  Therefore, it's either a 4S device issue of some kind or AT&T added too many smartphone contracts at Christmastime and it's bogged down their network royally.  Either way this is annoying and needs to be remedied before I buy out my contract, suck it up, and go pre-paid.

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Re: iPhone 4s - No Data - HELP!

this is also happening to me. I am going to be downgrading my phone back to the iphone 4 later today. I was perfectly happy with my 4 but with the new upgrade to the 4s I barely can get connection. there are times someone said they tried calling but I got no ring, then I get a notification of a voicemail like 3 hours later!
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