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iPhone 4s- Frustrated with AT&T


iPhone 4s- Frustrated with AT&T

I'm so frustrated. I preordered my iphone 4s through the att store location
on October 7. And i still do not have my iphone 4s. The att customer rep first
got my address wrong and had to cancel and reenter into the systerm at 5:45 that
night. i would have had it preordered at 11:45. My att order status still says
it is "backordered" and pending shipment. I am so frustrated with att. You would
think by their 3rd iphone launch they would have smoothed out the launch process
and have got it right.

I thought when you preorder an item, you reserve an iphone so that you can
buy it before the rest of the world can get it. then when preorders run out you
have to wait till release day. Not the case with att.

att is not very professional.

anyone else having trouble with at&t?

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Re: iPhone 4s- Frustrated with AT&T

show me where AT&T  said you will have the 4S on launch day? they did not say that,  AT&T stated it will ship on launch day when they get it.  it says 14 to 28 days. i went to the apple store this morning in and out in 30 minutes with a black 16 GB 4S!


please show me  where  AT&T stated you will have the 4S on  launch day?

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Re: iPhone 4s- Frustrated with AT&T

The point isn't whether AT&T promised a launch-day phone.


It's whether they promised (or the customer had a natural right to expect) that if a phone was available, a preorder could be filled.


To walk into a corporate store of a merchant with a preorder slip and not be able to claim the merchandise that's sitting behind the counter feels wrong.


When I preordered, it should put me in the front of the line.  Not at the end.

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Re: iPhone 4s- Frustrated with AT&T

 Hi. The customer representative said i would get it friday. Not on thursday. On friday. Then after i placed my oder i received the email confirmation saying 14-21 days. 

If i would have known ahead of time that the preorder item would take so long.  I would have waited and just walked in to a store. There is sort of a idea that the reason you preorder an iphone through apple or att or anyone else you reserve a phone so u can get one before everyone else. That is why you preorder 7 days in advance. Now people that did not sign up for a preorder can just walk in store and pick one up.

 Also why does att use terminology like "backordered" and not give a more accurate delivery time. Why does everyone that preorders say a 14-21 wait day estimate. Even people that received their iphone orders already, who had to preorder on 10-7, their email still said 14-21 days. Not 7 days like it actually took. 

I know i will never prorder like this. If i preorder i will preorder from apple or just get in store.
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Re: iPhone 4s- Frustrated with AT&T

i dont mind waiting, what sets me off is they lied to my face.. they told me i can pre order and i asked if i do when will i get the phone and she said ull get it in the mail.. i found it weird so i asked again "yes but when will i recieve it" she told me "oh most likely fri it should be there" sounds good to me so i pre ordered. only to find out im backordered and people that walked in got phones while im here getting lied to and looking like stupid. another thing is ATT seems to not no anything. when i found out i was backordered i called a rep and she told me yeah i was backordered for 7-14 days then it turned to 14- 21 days and now its 21-28 days. Instead of the days getting shorter there getting longer. THATS WHAT GETS ME MADD ATT !

Sorry guys but seems were only getting our iphone 4s when everyone else is done with them and the iphone 5 comes out
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Re: iPhone 4s- Frustrated with AT&T

I am having the same exact issue. My iphone order status says "In Progress" and Quantity Backordered: 1. Like is this some kind of joke? I PRE-ORDERED my iphone on the 7th AT the AT&T store. And now it is BACKORDERED? I thought the point of pre-ordering is to have a phone reserved. This is ridiculous.

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Re: iPhone 4s- Frustrated with AT&T

 Hi. I just saw this on the Verizon iPhone Forums.


 "JohnB_VZW (Wireless Employee)

Oct 16
Thank you kaebfly for your input. I appreciate your help.
@dturner1991, Congratulations on your iPhone 4 pre-order. We know that you're anxiously awaiting the arrival of your new phone. Since you placed your order on October 11th you should receive your phone by October 21st. Once the phone ships you will receive an email with the tracking number. You can also periodically check the status of your order on-line via your My Verizon account.
1. Sign in to  My Verizon.
2. Click Support tab.
3. Select Get Status.
4. In the order status, enter your order number.
5. Enter the last name as it appears in the order.
6. Click Submit.
The status of the order will display and if a tracking number is available it will be displayed.
For anyone else that is looking for shipping dates, below I have provided the expected delivery date of orders as of October 16th.
*Customers who purchased the iPhone 4S 16 GB starting at 3:01AM. ET through 5:59PM. ET on 10/07/2011 will have a delivery date of 10/14/2011.
* Customers who purchased the iPhone 4S 16 GB as of 6:00PM ET on 10/07/2011 through 10/12/11 at 8:59PM ET will have a delivery date of 10/21/2011.
* Customers who purchased the iPhone 4S 32GB and 64GB as of 10:00AM ET on 10/08/2011 through 10/12/11 at 8:59PM ET, will have a delivery date of 10/21/2011.
* Customers who purchased the iPhone 4S 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB on 10/12/11 as of 9:00AM will have a delivery date of 10/28/11.
* Customers who purchased the iPhone 4S 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB on 10/14/11 as of 8:00AM ET will have a delivery date of 10/28/11.
I hope this information is helpful.
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 I wish AT&T would help us like this.
 Disclaimer: I do not think that AT&T would have the same shipping policy as Verizon.
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Re: iPhone 4s- Frustrated with AT&T


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Re: iPhone 4s- Frustrated with AT&T



great post. wish at&t would provide this level of service or timetable...


i noticed the csr discussed the iphone 4, but didnt say 4s?


my order wouldve fallen within the first window (about 10:30am on 10/7) but have seen nothing but back ordered since then.... 

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Re: iPhone 4s- Frustrated with AT&T

I truly don't understand why all of you have had so many issues. I have been with Sprint, Verizon, and then Cingular that switched to AT&T...AT&T has been the BEST with customer service and coverage out of ALL of them. Even if it wasn't there mistake, they have ALWAYS compensated me and helped thru the situation.


Regarding the phones...I pre-ordered mine on the website on October 7th at about 5am PST. I found out they were backordered and there was no guarantee that I would get mine on the launch day like they did say they most pre-ordered phones should have arrived. One person told me It would ship out on launch day and take a few weeks. But when I called back (always call back if you don't get a person with an answer...sometimes you do get an idio*), I got someone who had a clue and they said they couldn't promise when it would ship since they were backordered, but that I would definitely get it before Halloween. Of course I was upset, and because of all the confusion and misleading emails, he actually gave me a $25 credit on my bill. Very nice guy with all the answers...or as much as he could give.


After all that and all the frustration because I really wanted my phone, it ended up being shipped out on the 12th...and I received both of my phones on the 14th...launch day! Since it was backordered, they did everything they could to get the phones to their customers on time...2 day free shipping thru FedEx and UPS. I was SO VERY IMPRESSED!


Bottom lines...things happen that are out of their control...but for the majority, they pleased their customers and it worked out. For the minority, I'm sorry...but AT&T is the best and if you call them and tell them what happened, they are usually so apologetic and do whatever they can to keep you and make you happy.


I will never switch companies...Sprint and Verizon have screwed me over so many times...falsified bills and credit reports...I will never go back to either company and warn all friends and family to stay clear. Just because you didn't get your phone when you would have wanted it isn't a reason to switch...just sayin...



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Re: iPhone 4s- Frustrated with AT&T

pre orders  always end up in a nightmare, or they did not arrive on time now the customer is mad and upset.  i never do a pre order becuase of this problem.

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Re: iPhone 4s- Frustrated with AT&T

I think the issue the OP and others are having is that there is no priority to who gets the phone first. People who ordered days after launch have already received their phones while people who pre-ordered have not. And people are sometimes able to simply walk into an AT&T store and buy a 4S right then and there while the people who pre-ordered are still waiting. And worst of all AT&T wont let your (easily) cancle the pre-order so even if you find a 4S instock at an AT&T store, Best Buy or Apple store you can't buy it because you're locked into the "upgrade" you already ordered and is sitting on backorder.


If AT&T had a clear first come first serve system, rather then the uncomprehensenible system mentioned above, I think people would be fine. But when people are walking out of the same store they ordered from with a new 4S and their "pre-order" is still backordered that's frusterating.



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Re: iPhone 4s- Frustrated with AT&T

 Just an update. I received my phone October 26. A couple days before the 21 days after mark. FedEx tried to deliver during the day, but since I work from 9-5 I had to go to the FedEx building after work to pick up.

 To be honest my talking to AT&T reps at the store and through customer service, they have been really helpful. The AT&T representative that knows my family's account and kind of who we go to to ask for questions was really helpful.

 The thing that made me mad was that before I preordered I thought I would get the iPhone 4s on the day it was released. And the AT&T rep at the store told me I would, when I gave my credit card and preorded it. After I got home the email I got said to expect 14-21 days.

 Then I heard people got their phones by just walking into a store, and not preordering and getting their phone before me. And apple was getting iPhone s shipped to their store every night.

 If the AT&T store rep had not told me and I had not been lead to believe, I would get my iPhone on launch day, I wouldn't have been mad. There seems to be a disconnect(which AT&T should fix) between what the store reps are telling me and what corporate AT&T is telling me.

 If you have been waiting awhile for your phone and live near an apple store, I would reccommend going online and reserving an iPhone on the apple website. After 9:00 pm( in your time zone), go to and you can reserve an iPhone at the apple store. Then go pick it up. They get shipments every night.

 Next time I will reserve at an apple store or preorder at

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