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iPhone 4s Battery issues


iPhone 4s Battery issues



Finally after 4 years I was very excited to get an iPhone that has all the features I wanted…but I am disappointed so far.


I purchase an iPhone 4S 32GB on 10/7 and has not been impressed with the battery life. I have to charge my iPhone at least 3 times a day. I go to work at 8 AM and by 11:30 AM the battery is at 20 %, so I charge it again which takes only about 60 to 120 minutes to charge, and by 5:30 I have to start charging again…the third charge has start around 11:30 PM and I have to keep the phone plugged overnight otherwise it will be dead by 6 AM.


I have read other posts on the web and people have suggested turning notifications, location services…etc which I went ahead and did but that did not change the battery issue. I would like to mention here…what is the purpose of all the options on the phone if you have to keep everything turned off.


I always try to kill apps that running in background but still no fix to battery issue.


Today I went to Apple store and exchanged the phone with new one. The apple rep activated the phone for me and the charge was at 78 %. I left the store and 10 minutes later I was at my house, but again I was surprised to see the battery has drooped to 65 % within 10 minutes.


When I got home I plugged the phone and when it was charge at 100 % I unplugged it and 40 minutes later the battery dropped to 70 %.


I am given this phone 2 more days and if the battery continue to be an issue I have no option but to return it and re-active my old phone. Having to charge a phone 3 times a day defeats the purpose of having a wireless phone.


It seemed that a lot of users are have similar issue. Not sure if the issue related to iOS 5, iPhone or bad batch of iPhone or iPhone batteries.



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Re: iPhone 4s Battery issues

After 3 days of testing, the only thing that drains the battery is the push settings...that is my conclusion.


I am running all kind of apps in background, wifi is always on when I am at home and at work, bluetooth is on 24 hours a days, notifications all on, location services is on, playing games and keeping games in background, web browsing...etc. Basically I am doing everything on the iPhone 4S and the battery lasts all day. For example I have not charged my phone since Friday.


Once I turn push settings to on...the battery starts to drain FAST.  I am not sure about other users, but if you are having issues with your battery you can follow what I did to see if the probelm is related to push or something else.

Go to Settings>Mail and turn Push to Off. Next select the Fetch schedule to hourly (don't select 30 minutes or the other options. I tried using 30 minutes and that caused my battery to drain).  I have 2 emails accounts setup (hotmail and exchange). My friends have both iPhone 4 with iOS 5 and iOS 4 and there push settings is set ON but not having any issues with battery draining fast. It is hard to tell what is the cause, maybe the issue with our exchange server or maybe the issue with iOS 5 bug.


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Re: iPhone 4s Battery issues

Could be a bug?  I would delete the accounts reboot your phone then re-enter the accounts.  See if it clears something?


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