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iPhone 4S with gophone?


iPhone 4S with gophone?

If I pony up for an unlocked iPhone 4S, can I use a gophone plan with it per AT&T rules? I'm looking for a "I know this for fact" answer (preferably from an AT&T rep), not a guess. I want to use the $25/month + $25/500GB plan, and I want to walk into AT&T to get it officially set up without a fight. Yes or no?

And if that is possible, can the phone be used for tethering also?
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Re: iPhone 4S with gophone?

thomastrob wrote:
When you pay for the $50 Go Phone unlimited plan and do everything over the internet yourself, is there a way to get the data to work on the iphone without paying for the data feature that would be unlimited on other types of Go Phones ?? The iPhone is an older one but still works great for a Go Phone. All the featues work except the data portion which is suppose to be unlimited as well on the $50 Go Phone plan. Any thoughts on this from anyone or maybe a way to get around the extra cost of data service ???? Thanks. 

The reason why you are not allowed unlimited data on your $50 Unlimited account is because you are using a smartphone such as the iPhone. Smartphones users under this plan are restricted from using unlimited data usage; instead, they have to purchase a capped data package separately if they would like to use prepaid data on their smartphone.

This is no exception in your case. Because you are not able to take advantage of the unlimited data portion of your plan, you have to purchase a separate data package if you WANT to use prepaid data on your iPhone. Again, you do not have to. To enable data, you will have to change the iPhone's APN settings to allow and recognize it.

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