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iPhone 4S upgrade


iPhone 4S upgrade

I bought an iPhone 4 (16GB) in April with a 2-year contract, and am interested in getting the iPhone 4S (16GB). However, I obviously haven't completed my 2-year contract and am not eligible for an upgrade anytime soon.

I was wondering  **How much money does a black iPhone 4S (16GB) cost, without the discount from upgrading? 

(I keep seeing different $'s)  

Also, I saw posts where Apple, and a few other companies/stores have certain deals for iPhone owners, like trading in an older model iPhone for a discount on the newest model iPhone.  **Does AT&T also have a deal like this, but more specifically for trading a used iPhone 4 in to purchase an iPhone 4S at a discounted price, or not even specifically to get an iPhone 4S discounted but to just sell them it and get cash/credit?  **If AT&T does, are there any stipulations in the deal, or are there any in selling them an iPhone 4?  **Around how much money would an AT&T store discount off a black iPhone 4S (16GB), for a black iPhone 4 (16GB) in relatively good condition and without upgrade eligibility?  **Or if getting a discount towards buying a 4S isn't an option, how much might a black iPhone 4 (16GB) in relatively good condition sell at an AT&T store? Also what does apple give for an iPhone 4?

++I would be extremely grateful for any answers or info to any of my questions



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Re: iPhone 4S upgrade

Full cost of the iPhone 4S 16GB is $649. AT&T appears to be allowing early upgrades for the partially discounted price of $449 if you still haven't completed your contract. You can check eligibility through Apple or AT&T's website (I found it easier to do on Apple's site, though).


I don't think AT&T has a trade-in program but Apple does: link. You get an Apple gift card, though, so I don't see how you could use those funds for your iPhone purchase unless you've got an old phone you can use in the meantime.


However, your iPhone will probably fetch a higher price on Craigslist or ebay. The rates on Amazon trade-in also appear to be pretty decent if you don't want to deal with the hassle of selling your phone. Going with CL/ebay/Amazon allows you to buy your replacement iPhone 4S before you get rid of your iPhone 4. You also get a gift card with Amazon, but personally, I have more use for an Amazon gift card than I do an Apple gift card (particularly now with the holidays approaching).

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Re: iPhone 4S upgrade

Radio Shack also has a trade-in program.

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Re: iPhone 4S upgrade

i think ebay would be your best bet. A 16gb ip4 sells for around $300

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