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iPhone 4S Upgrade


iPhone 4S Upgrade




In December of 2009, I signed a two-year contract and got an iPhone 3G for 99$. 


In 2010, I was curious to see when I could upgrade, so I called the *639# thing and it told me in August 2011 I may be eligible for an upgrade. I was like okay, I'll upgrade to the iPhone after iPhone 4.


So, after hearing about the iPhone 4S, I called the number again, and it says I'm eligible in December 2011. That's when my contract started.


Is this a glitch of some sort? 

I'm really confused.



(I think I posted this in the wrong section last time.)


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Re: iPhone 4S Upgrade

Were there any changes to your account features or any late payments? August sounds like the standard 20-month upgrade date, but something kicked your date back out to 24 months. A couple of late payments could cause that, as well as dropping features (in other words, reducing the amount you pay AT&T per month). You may have to call customer service for the real answer to your specific situation. We'd just be guessing.
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