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iPhone 4S Order MIA in at&t System


iPhone 4S Order MIA in at&t System

I pre ordered the 4S Friday 10/7, and received a confirmation email including an order number immediately at 7:05 AM Eastern.  As of now, I can't find the order in the system, telephone customer service can't find it either.  There are 2 pending charges on my AmEx from at&t Estore for $1 each, as of Friday AM.  At&t site does not yet show an updated contract start date.  Should I be worried yet that no one at at&t can find my order?  Thanks in advance!

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Re: iPhone 4S Order MIA in at&t System


The exact thing just happened to me.

I had to cancel my order, and now I wait to see when the actually ship.

EVERY person I talked to at AT&T was also very confused about their online ordering system

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Re: iPhone 4S Order MIA in at&t System

Try checking with your phone number, I was receiving the same error using the order number.  I started using the phone number and it works every time.

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Re: iPhone 4S Order MIA in at&t System

I have just got off the phone from At&T Premier support after waiting on hold for 1 hour 8 minutes.  They say they cannot find my order in the system and yet if I use my order number I got in the confirmation email it brings the order right up with a status of pending.  I cannot find it any other way than going to and putting in my order number.  So after a frustrating 2 hours of holding and then getting no help I am left with the issue that my order is lost and they cannot do anything for me.  Also the address on my confirmation email is the wrong address so if it actually ships they will be shipping it to the house I moved out of 2 years ago.  ATT customer service has hit an all time low in my book, not sure if I am a satisfied customer any more.

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Re: iPhone 4S Order MIA in at&t System

I have tried both the order # and the phone #. Nothing in the system. No emails since Friday.
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Re: iPhone 4S Order MIA in at&t System

This happened to me as well. I ordered it less than a hour after pre-orders started. No emails at all for me.

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Re: iPhone 4S Order MIA in at&t System

I ordered my phone on Friday morning between 7-8 am.  I received my terms and conditions email and my order status email later that day but as of right now my order still hasn't showed up in the online system.  I called at&t about this on monday and this morning and both times they were able to find my phone order but couldn't give me any specific information about when my phone would ship.  The woman I spoke to today told me that nothing would show up online until it shipped and that no phones are shipping until friday when they are available in the store.  I have priority shipping on my phone so she said that if mine was in the first batch to go out that I may get lucky and receive it on saturday.  My wife ordered her phone through the verizon sight on friday morning and hers is already in transit.  I thought the point of this pre-order was to have a chance to get the phone by the 14th but according to the last person I spoke to(I've also found that at&t customer service isn't always consistant with their answers)AT&T is not shipping until that day.  The only reason I even did the pre-order through AT&T is that my july 5th uprade date was mysteriously moved back to december 5 on July 2nd.  I've been calling about that ever since it happened and have been told multiple times that it was a mistake and would be fixed.  In the week leading up to the 4s pre-order they promised to fix the computer so I could order online but then on 10/6 changed their story and said that I would have to order on the phone or in a store because it is "impossible" to change the date in their computer  system.  Even on the morning of 10/7, after I'd spent over two hours on the phone with them during the previous two days, I still had to waste another hour and demand to speak to a supervisor in order to get the order done.  So, apparently AT&T can't control upgrade dates or order status in their computer system.  I should have just paid the early termination fee and escaped from this peice of crap company...

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