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iPhone 4G using huge amounts of data


iPhone 4G using huge amounts of data

I bought a new iPhone 4G a little over a week ago and it's already blown through 325mb of data with little real use.


It appears that when it's checking emails it can use from 3mb to more typically 20mb and up to 50mb each time it checks. Sometimes it appears there is only a 120K usage but not sure what those are. Could be checking for email with nothing to get. I have gone through up to 100mb in a day!


ATT tech support didn't know what to day. Said I should contact Billing who obviously didn't know what to do. 


I went to an Apple Genius at the local ATT store and he didn't even take the time to really think it through, but we did reset the phone and reinstalled the OS. 


I am not playing any network games, haven't even downloaded them. I've only downloaded really popular apps and frankly, haven't run them much. I am running facebook with little activity.  I am doing the same things I've been doing on my blackberry and I was using less than 40mb per month. 


I'm at a loss. I don't even know who to contact to figure this out at this point.


Anyone else having this problem? Better check your data usage.


Stephen Davis


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Re: iPhone 4G using huge amounts of data

I still don't understand how people are driving usage up without knowing they are doing it.


Here's mine: 

20.32 MB

Current Usage displayed as of:
August 02, 2010


Next billing cycle starts:  August 08, 2010


That's nearly a whole month of usage.


I don't turn off the phone, I have two IMAP and one Exchange email, hourly checking - NOT push. I have wifi on all the time, but am known to be out where there is no wifi. I guess its a whole crapload of push?

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Re: iPhone 4G using huge amounts of data

Wish they were all like that. I can get hit with 20MB by coughing it seems. My phone did 591mb in 2 weeks. This after owning a Blackberry and using between 12 and 40mb consistently with identical usage and without the ability to use wi-fi at home. We are not saying everyone is seeing this, just enough of us to believe there is a problem that merits an explanation.

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Re: iPhone 4G using huge amounts of data

Yeah, I wish I understood what they were doing. It could be push, but everyone says they're not using push notifications.


It could be exchange, but I'm using an exchange account - but without push. So maybe its push + exchange? Maybe I need to get more email?


Meh. It just seems weird. I know there are several folks who are not new to iPhones, or smartphones (like me) who are seeing bizzare data. I've got three iPhone4s here (me, wife, kid) and all three are behaving fine, data use wise.


Your usage is kinda what I was expecting for me, but I think most of mine is falling into wifi data... you'd be on track for 1.2GB, which is still got a fair bit of headroom on a 2GB plan.


I guess we need an app for that (tracking detailed 3G usage... you used 10MB for web, 20MB for email, 300MB for push notifications... whut?)



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Re: iPhone 4G using huge amounts of data


johninsj wrote:
I guess we need an app for that (tracking detailed 3G usage... you used 10MB for web, 20MB for email, 300MB for push notifications... whut?)


See,  this is where I get confused too.  Right now, I'm sitting at about 62MB of data used and I'm just 14 days into my billing cycle.


I have 1 exchange email account setup, I have 27 other email accounts setup, I have push turned on (for 5 of the 28 account), and fetch mail every hour on all accounts. I push turned on for third party apps,  including PushMail which handles push alerts for all 28 email accounts. I sync my calendar & address book OTA with my MobileMe account.  I shut down some of my apps when not in use, but I still leave my 7-8 most commony used ones open.  I plug my phone in and charge it every night, but leave it on 24x7.


Most of my apps are paid apps,  or free apps that are not ad supported.  I leave wifi turned on all the time, and use it where/when I can,  but I don't try to force it to use wifi all the time.  I declined to allow Apple to use my diagnostic data.  I tend to "reboot" my phone 2-3 times a week,  if I remember.  I installed my phone as a new phone setup rather than restoring a backup of my old iPhone 3G onto this device (which was a restore of a backup of another device which was a restore of a backup of a 1st generation iPod Touch).


As you can see,  I have several factors that could cause me to tip either way.  I will say that I used to allow Apple to use my Diagnostic data,  and my cellular data usage seems as it was higher.  Over the last 16 months of usage for my iPhone 3G, I used a total of 6.5GB data.  It averaged around 400-450MB/month with my peak month being around 700-800MB.

Jerry B.


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Re: iPhone 4G using huge amounts of data

even the at&t unlimited data plan has a 5gb cap, if you go over it you get a huge bill

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