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iPhone 4 unlocked from Australia


iPhone 4 unlocked from Australia

Hi - I was living in Sydney and had an iPhone that Virgin Mobile unlocked when I left the country. I have my old iPhone 3 from ATT that I have been using but would really love to use the iPhone 4 again - the SIM cards are different sizes. Is this an international v. US thing or an ATT thing? Any way at all around it? 


Thanks for your help!

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Re: iPhone 4 unlocked from Australia

Not sure what you're asking....but the iPhone 4 did include a microSIM rather than a conventionally sized SIM. This is part of Apple's plan to miniaturize components. You should be able to go into an AT&T Store to get a new microSIM to use in your iPhone 4. Or you could employ an inexpensive SIM cutter that would cut your standard SIM down to size. Keep in mind that AT&T doesn't officially support using an iPhone on a prepaid plan, if you're on one of those.

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Re: iPhone 4 unlocked from Australia

Apple went to the smaller SIM for the 4 and 4S. It's not a US thing, they are all like that.
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Re: iPhone 4 unlocked from Australia

When you came to the United States...I'm guessing you received a SIM card from AT&T...I'm also assuming that you did not get a SIM card that can fit into your iPhone 4. This is because in order to use an iPhone 4 or an iPhone 4S, you'll need something called a Micro-SIM card. AT&T mistaken gave you a regular SIM card. Just request for a Micro-SIM card to use with your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S and AT&T will gladly give one to you. Their may be a slight charge, but that's rare. Also note, iPhone is not supported on AT&T's GoPhone network, therefore you won't be able to use your iPhone or receive a Micro-SIM card for use on AT&T's pre-paid service.

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