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iPhone 4 is suddenly roaming at home . . .


iPhone 4 is suddenly roaming at home . . .

I have an Apple iPhone 4 that we purchased about one year ago from AT&T, we have never had great service in our area (despite saying 'best' service on the map provided by AT&T), but lately my iPhone is constantly "off network" while I am at home. This has led to my off network data useage being over the allowed limit in our contract and has AT&T threatening to turn off my data service on this phone.


My husband has an older iPhone and does not have this problem. We share an AT&T account.


I am hoping there is an easy solution to this problem, we have been AT&T customers for many years, purchased 3 iPhones from them and the best answer I could get from calling customer service was to not use my phone while at home.



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