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iPhone 4 call quality, 3G, etc


iPhone 4 call quality, 3G, etc

Alrighty, first I like my phone. I use it all the time. It's a useful device, for everything except making a call in the house.


I know there were those antenna problems with the design, I bought a case, doesn't really help though.


I know where the nearby AT&T towers are. I usually get 4-5 bars with the phone put down. Pretty good right?


But when I make a call, it always makes these tap or crackle noises, fades out, etc. I didn't think turning on data/3G would make any difference, but I started doing that, and I'm seeing a slight increase in call quality. Am I hallucinating, or is turning on 3G to make a phone call the equivelent of getting 3G coverage over E/2G coverage when using data for internet purposes?





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