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iPhone 4 Help! (See picture)

iPhone 4 Help! (See picture)

Here's a picture of it: It was jailbroken (I don't know how but sometimes there's an apple in the shape of a skull at startup) The slider doesn't say slide to unlock, it says slide for emergency calls only. I've tried restoring and I always get an error message. I have the latest version of iTunes with Windows XP. I didn't buy this phone off of AT&T and Apple says it's not under warranty. It was used with a Gevey SIM on T Mobile but I'm going to use it on AT&T since I have a 3GS with them now. (I have a microSIM cutter and adapter to switch back and forth from 3GS to 4) I want to keep the possibility of using the Gevey if I ever sell it to my cousin in Mexico but for now I want to concentrate on fixing it AT&T style

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Re: iPhone 4 Help! (See picture)

It's asking to be plugged into iTunes. What happens if you plug it into iTunes?

However, if it was jailbroken, it may be bricked beyond hope.
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Re: iPhone 4 Help! (See picture)

It will try to restore it but then an error message will pop up. I've searched online and it says that it might be in activation mode

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Re: iPhone 4 Help! (See picture)

what ERROR msg does  it give you>?

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Re: iPhone 4 Help! (See picture)

Mostly 1611 but I also get 3194 and 1604 sometimes (I updated iTunes already)

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Re: iPhone 4 Help! (See picture)

Put the device in DFU mode (google it) and restore as new.

If that does not work,  you may be out of luck as it was jailbroken previously.

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