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iPhone 4/4s battery charging tips.


iPhone 4/4s battery charging tips.

I'll be recieving my 4s tomorrow and I was wondering what would be best for me to do concerning the battery. I wanna make sure my battery stays in good condition.

  1. Should I play with it until I get a notification saying to charge it and the keep it in a fully charged state for an hour or two?
  2. Charge it right out of the box?
  3. *Insert suggestions here
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Re: iPhone 4/4s battery charging tips.

charge as normal. when you get the 4S turn on the battery percentage meter under general,this will tell how much % is in the battery.charge from there. the manual says cycle the battery drain it down and recharge to cycle it for longer battery life.

General>>>usage scroll down you will see battery usage. then charge as normal or needed.

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