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iPhone 3Gs Exchange


iPhone 3Gs Exchange

Ive had my iPhone 3Gs 16Gb for about 6 months and it is starting to act up battery wise and button failures. Im planning on calling AT&T to get a replacement device since Im under my one year warranty. I want another 3Gs 16gb but I understand that they have been discontinued. So what would my choices be? An 8 GB 3Gs or an iPhone 4 since I paid the same price back then as the new iPhone 4? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: iPhone 3Gs Exchange

AT&T cannot help you.  Only Apple handles warranty issues with the iPhone.


You will need to contact Apple (in store, over the phone or use the web based support).  If there is an Apple store near you that is the fastest way of getting it replaced as it will be done on the spot.  If there is not a store near you then go here:

Use our Online Service Assistant to see all your service options and set up a repair.


Unfortunately, Apple still has plenty of iPhone 3GS's for warranty replacements so do not expect it being replaced with an iPhone 4.

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