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iPhone 3G GPS


iPhone 3G GPS

So, do I understand this correctly, all versions of the iPhone will not be located by GPS if you are using Family Map?

Why doesn't the iPhone work with GPS since it does have built in GPS to my understanding?

I'm trying to use the service for my son's iPhone, but if it will not use GPS it seems like it will not be very useful.

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Re: iPhone 3G GPS

We have two iPhone 3G phones on a family plan.

Find My Phone through MobileMe is accurate within a few hundred feet. Meant to be only used from a computer. No easy way to access it from an iPhone unless you go with a 3rd party browser and then it is horrendously slow. It is great if you loose a phone as its pretty accurate and you can make it play a sound for two minutes or do a remote wipe.

Familly Map is accurate to about 1 mile or two but can be easily accessed from the iPhone using Safari. Good for getting a quick general idea where everyone is from everyone's iPhones.

We have both services as each has benefits to us.
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Re: iPhone 3G GPS

Hi, thanks for the response. I did read about the MobileMe application and that sounds like it would be perfect for most accuracy since that seems to use the GPS. the problem is that as far as I know we would need to initally install the MobleMe application on my Son's iPhone 3G and it was lost/stolen at his school on Monday so we can obviously not install anything.
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Re: iPhone 3G GPS

Nothing to install but it does need to be turned on in the iPhone's settings so that isn't going to help you at all. Smiley Sad

We had an iPhone lost/stolen in a movie theater right before Find My Phone and FamillyMap came out but at least the iPhone was locked so our information was safe from also being stolen.
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Re: iPhone 3G GPS

You are right, since we can not get to the phone unfortunately we can not adjust the settings for MobileMe. Darn.

FamilyMap does find the phone for us, but since it is not using GPS it gives a 2.3 mile radius which obviously isn't precise enough.

Are there any other applications that anyone knows about that might use the GPS?



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Re: iPhone 3G GPS

There are a bunch.

To name just a few,
GPS Tracker
Google latitude (It's accessed through Safari)

But all of them require it to be the active application since the iPhone doesn't allow 3rd party applications to run in the background.
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