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iPad data roaming


iPad data roaming

I am now in Thailand and try to register for the international data roaming for my iPad.

I already had domestic data plan so I went to 50MB international data roaming.


However, I can't access to the internet via EDGE/3G at all.

The tab on the left hand sided of the screen shows "No Service".

I checked the local providers including TRUE and GSM. Then I go to setting>carrier then try to switch to such providers mannually but still "No Service".


I checked with normal telephone and my cellphone using TRUE sim card goes well with EDGE.


Do you have any suggestion?

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Re: iPad data roaming

Yes, if there is a gsm network there buy a sim with data and use the local carrier.  It is far cheaper and better to just use the gsm carrier of the country you are in and forget roaming from at&t.

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Re: iPad data roaming

Here is a blog that shows the three carriers in Thailand and how buying a sim from them works. Bascially this blog is for people BEFORE they leave the country, but since you are actually there you should be able to pick a sim up at one of the carriers stores. Good Luck
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