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iPad Pre-Paid for Travelling Canadian?


iPad Pre-Paid for Travelling Canadian?



I am from Canada and will be vactioning in California this summer. I have a 3G iPad that was purchased directly from Apple. I would like to purchase the The AT&T pre-paid iPad plan while down there, is this possible?


From what I have seen on various Internet forums, a U.S. address is required to sign up for the pre-paid plans. Is this correct?



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Re: iPad Pre-Paid for Travelling Canadian?

if anything provide the address of where you will be vacationing. 

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Re: iPad Pre-Paid for Travelling Canadian?

I hate to reopen a closed thread, but are you sure. An internet buddy who is a Canadian who grew up on the border and is fairly tech savy told me that he couldn't make the registration work because they wanted a US credit card and he couldn't get that to take. He used a US address, but it refused his credit card and then tried to activate it with cash at an ATT store and failed. He wound up having to buy a prepaid credit card at CVS to bluff through the activation process and that seemed over the top.
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