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iPad 3G registration will not allow a PO Box for an address


Re: iPad 3G registration will not allow a PO Box for an address

This is very frustrating.  I have a Rural Route address, not a PO Box and the program can't verifiy it.  Yet, it's the same address where I receive my AT&T bill cell phone bill!   I was on the phone with AT&T for 30 minutes trying to solve it (trying all kind of variations of my address), got transferred, then cut off.   Tried the number that rep had given me and when I finally got a live person, they transferred me and I got dropped again!

Unfortunately, I don't think there are any street addresses in my zip code other than RR addresses.   911 has actually assigned us street addresses, but the USPS has yet to make the switch.  

If anyone has anyone has suggestions, please let me know!  Anything to spare me the humilation at age 50 of having to call my parents to use their credit card and address.....

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Re: iPad 3G registration will not allow a PO Box for an address

Try using an old physical address (five years old for me) and your current billing zip code. If that works you'll be be prompted to choose between the old physical address with correct zip or the old physical address and current billing zip. Choose the later and proceed. Hope this helps some folks. If AT&T is collecting physical info for the taxman (as they post in their SLA), this sign up app runs counter to that goal.

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Re: iPad 3G registration will not allow a PO Box for an address

were you to read the whole discussion prior to venting {keep it courteous}, you would understand that people who DO have physical address registered with their bank cards are having the same issue. PO boxes are not the sole issue here. 


AT&T has acknowledged that the issue is on their end - bankcard processing companies are reporting authorizations being provided and Apple has no means to create an account for users on AT&T's netowrk. 


Quite honestly they can't identify the reason for the problem nor can the estimate when  fix will be implemented. That's nearly verbatim from the level 3 escalated tech support team I just hung up with on a conference call with apple in cupertino. 


3G can be helpful when one is not near a wifi sitting on the side of a road seeking directions from Maps application when one's friggin GPS directs to a road that no longer exists. 


While you are obviously well informed on may topics - indeed your posts in other threads have been quite helpful to me - this one adds no new information, it's antagonistic and adds nothing to the discussion. maybe it's time to get of the grid for the day.


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Re: iPad 3G registration will not allow a PO Box for an address



I use a private mailbox store for my financial stuff. 

All I did was make sure the settings were as you noted.

Then used the street address and LEFT OFF THE BOX NUMBER. 

The system didn't care about where I live, it wanted the zip code where my PO box lives HAHA. 

Now I have data, and no junk mail from carrier - woot!


Mahalo nui loa!



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Re: iPad 3G registration will not allow a PO Box for an address

As a hint to those still having problems...remember...your physical address MUST validate against the USPS address database. The USPS must think you exist. In my town, where we don't get mail and all have po boxes, few addresses validate. Apparently to the USPS we don't exist. (however the IRS knows we all exist...go figure). Use the USPS website zip finder tool to see if your physical address will validate. If it doesn't, try finding one for a local business in your zip code (the zip code must match your credit card billing zip). We had to use the physical address of our post office. Apparently the USPS knows that one exists in our town.
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Re: iPad 3G registration will not allow a PO Box for an address

No matter what, keep trying. Some people spend years searching for validation. Once it comes, your self esteem soars, or in this case, you get to use your iPad while on the road. It's worth it.
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Re: iPad 3G registration will not allow a PO Box for an address

Well it's June 4 and they still haven't fixed the issue. I spent an hour last night of frustration. However thanks to the explanation on this forum and only this forum, that the issue is with the USPS and it's incomplete list of valid addresses, I was finally able to get a data plan, and just in time before the unlimited cutoff. To summarize the other posts, In a nutshell, here's what you do.


Under Billing Address, input your actual Credit Card billing address.


Then under Service address, just use the post offices address. Since its their fault for not having your actual physical address in their national data base, they will surely understand.  Not that it matters, since you'll get the bill at your correct PO Box billing address.  Just that ATT/Apple may eventually wonder why so many subscribers share the same address.   Here's how you find the post office address.


As long as the Post Office zip code is the same as your Credit Card billing zip code, which in all likely hood it is, since you pick up the mail there, this will work like a charm.

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Re: iPad 3G registration will not allow a PO Box for an address

"Just curious, would you complain to the power company, water company, sewer service, or cable company for requiring a physical address for where they are providing service before setting up service?
Would you complain if your homeowner's or renters insurance required a physical address prior to writing a policy for you?
Some things in this world require a physical street address.  Most cellular service requires a physical street address."

Perhaps the silliest reply I have every read. I cannot get home delivery because I live within 0.5 miles of the Post Office. I have to use mt PO Box address on my credit card. I do not have the option to use my street address. BTW, I have Sprint for my cell phone and they do not require a street address. I cannot get cable TV because they cannot find me electronically on their maps and claim there is not cable service in my neighborhood even though there is, so I have DISH.

Sometimes, I order items that will not allow a PO Box. USPS tells me to use "Apt Box" instead. I tried to order my iPad through Best Buy, but they would not deliver it. I cannot order UPS or Fed Ex sometimes because my physical address does not match my credit card address. Plus sometimes, UPS and Fed Ex drop off the box at USPS and USPS requires a PO Box for me that UPS and Fed Ex will not allow.

My power, sewer and water companies seem to be quite able to handle the combo address that includes both physical and PO Box address.

If ATT will not activate this for me, then I will return it. Apple and ATT will both lose.
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Re: iPad 3G registration will not allow a PO Box for an address

I would like to thank everyone for taking the time to post your comments and opinions related to this topic. This topic has been thoroughly discussed and will now be closed. If you need more help, please create a new thread. 

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