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iPad 1 Shipping


iPad 1 Shipping

I ordered original iPad 64GB on 4/17.

My order status is still 'processing'

I called AT&T support several times and they told me it is in backorder status.

But when I asked with online chat of AT&T online shop, she told me it is in stock.

Unfortunately, she could not check my order status.

I don't know who is correct.

Did anyone receive iPad 64GB recently?

If so, when did you order it?

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Re: iPad 1 Shipping

I ordered a 16gb original ipad on the 13th and am waiting on any update. I called a couple of times and I get answers from a couple of days to weeks. It was a good price and I am not in a big hurry but would really like it. I guess I will continue to call maybe once a week or so to make sure everything looks right on my order but it is frustrating to get all different types of answers.

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Re: iPad 1 Shipping

I ordered two refurbished iPad with 64 gig on June 13 and got them in 3 days.
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