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iOS5 texting and smart limits


iOS5 texting and smart limits

We have our daughters phone on smart limits and have several blocked numbers for good reason.

I'm learning (quickly) about iMessage, and that if both parties have it, the texts do not show up on the account.


This is very troubling as we closely monitor thru our account her activity with whom.


If we have blocked numbers on smart limits, and they have imessage, can she text them or call them then? This is really troubling as we are trying to keep certain "elements" from contacting her, etc.


Anyone know more about this? Help!!!

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Re: iOS5 texting and smart limits

iMessage is a feature of iOS.

If a user has an issue with it and the ability (or lack there of) to block who can message them, then that needs to be addressed with Apple.  AT&T has nothing to do with iMessage.


That being said, iMessage can be turned off in Settings > Messages > iMessage.  However, there is no way to lock this out via Parental Controls or restrictions.

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Re: iOS5 texting and smart limits

Imessaging only works over WiFi,so if your daughters have a iphone there is no way to block who they Imessage. becuase i message uses the OP email address to send it last night me and the wife was out she left her iphone at home. but had her ipad we had a excellent WiFi connection,she sent me a imessage to my iphone.  so there is no way to block it. but if you change the WiFi password and the Iphones are not allowed on the WiFi your  Daughters can not use imessaging.


she can not call them on imessage. like stated turn it off and set the password to restrick that feature. 


restrictions do not allow you passcode imessage i just checked...







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Re: iOS5 texting and smart limits

graphite07 wrote:

Imessaging only works over WiFi


That is not accurate... iMessage works over Cellular data or Wi-Fi.

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Re: iOS5 texting and smart limits

That's correct, iMessage works over cellular not just wifi.
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Re: iOS5 texting and smart limits

iMessaging works on the iPad and itouch over wifi using an email address.
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