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iOS 5.1 Update is here


iOS 5.1 Update is here


Apple unleashed the “new new iPad,” or iPad 3, or 2S, or whatever you want to call it. It’ll cost you $499,

 has a new retina display, with an A5X processor complete with quad-core graphics. The iPad 2 is also getting a price drop, to $399, and Apple announced a slew of new updates to existing products, including movie support for iCloud, iPhoto is coming to iOS, along with an update for iOS 5. Yes, iOS 5.1 will be available for download starting today for iPhone, iPod and iPads, according to Apple, with some new updates to Siri.


Siri brought a big change to the experience of the iPhone when it appeared on the 4S, and since then, people have been finding all sorts of back-door ways to bring the saucy personal assistant to other Apple devices. Today, Siri is officially showing up on the iPad. Well, sort of. It won’t be the full-featured personal assistant iPhone users have become familiar with, but it does include voice dictation support. This support will include American English, British and Australian English, French, German and Japanese.


While most of those languages have already been available for iOS, Japanese is a new arrival. But, perhaps the coolest part of this pared-down Siri for iPad is that the dictation feature will be available in third-party apps. That means that users will be able to holler their tweets and Facebook status updates into their iPads and iPhones, making for an interesting experience for those in close proximity.



iOS 5.1 is also supposed to hold the promise of enhanced battery life, but iPhone 4S users have been holding their breath on that one for awhile now, so that remains to be seen.




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Re: iOS 5.1 Update is here

sorry - that should have read 'WITHOUT using i-tunes"

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Re: iOS 5.1 Update is here

I think iOS updates for the 3G stopped quite a while ago. This update isn't for the 3G and the 3G may not have gotten any of the iOS updates that enabled updates over WiFi
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Re: iOS 5.1 Update is here

Cool rhyme, I'm unsure what the difference is
But I would do it via iTunes incase the phone got bricked!

I'm unsure about the 3GS update contact apple
About it Smiley Wink
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Re: iOS 5.1 Update is here

IOS 5 is not avilable for the 3G


IOS5 Update.PNG

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Re: iOS 5.1 Update is here

I tried using wifi to updated my iOS not working.. receiving an error.
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Re: iOS 5.1 Update is here

I have no access to wifi.  If i tether my phone to my laptop and download the update thru iTunes will it count against my data?  I am thinking it will but that really sux, lol

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Re: iOS 5.1 Update is here

Yes, it will count against your data. Also, you are required to have a tethering plan.
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Re: iOS 5.1 Update is here

Mine doesnt work on wifi >.> d/ling it now to itunes..

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