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iCloud back up


iCloud back up

I have 16gb iPhone 4 and I went to do a back up of my phone and it says I dont have enough storage available. iCloud gives you 5gbs of storage and need to purchase more if you want. I have approximately 12 of my 16gbs used on my phone. So does that mean I have to purchase more to do a full back up? I am really confused with I cloud.

I lost apps when I updated my phone and iPad to ios5. But the apps were available to download again in the app store for free, but I lost all achievements or content stored in each app I had to redownload.

I am having doubts for when I get my phone tomorrow to set up if I can't back up to iCloud because I have not enough memory. Am I missing something. Please help
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Re: iCloud back up

It depends on what you are trying to backup. AFAIK apps don't back up to iCloud. There certainly is no setting for it in the phone.


Go into iCloud settings (under the settings menu in your phone) and see what it is set to backup. You may want to turn things like mail and photos off in order to get below the 5GB ceiling.

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Re: iCloud back up

Apps themselves are not backed up but the data is.  There are some articles that discuss selectively choosing what data to back up.  For instance, Flixster does not need to be backed up because the times change daily and you usually only have a few favorite theaters that are easy to setup.  


If you think about it in this aproach, you should be able to get your backup size down.  Also consider that your email is also included in the 5GB.


I am still going to back up to my mac.


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