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i4 email send slow


i4 email send slow

Am I doing something wrong as I notice it takes several minutes to send an email? My 3gs and 3g both send an email as soon as you select send but this i4 seems to sit on it for several minutes? Is there a setting that needs to be changed as I synced it to the saved settings of my 3gs which never had this problem?

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Re: i4 email send slow

There are so many possible causes for email delays.  It could be network issues, it could be DNS issues, it could be SSL issues, it could even just be overloaded email servers (depending upon your ISP).  With so many varuiables it's hard to say why you are having problems now.  If you have not tried sending an email when you are using wifi, try that and see if it has the same delays.  If you nrmaly work on wifi, try disconnecting from your wifi and see if it still hangs using the cellular data network.  Double check your security settings and your email acocunt passwords...

Jerry B.


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Re: i4 email send slow

Are you going over the same connection type as you were sending before (cellular data vs WiFi)?


When you moved to the iPhone 4 did you start as a new device or did you use a backup form your previous iPhone 3G/3GS?  If you used a backup of your old data/settings from a previous iPhone I would suggest restoring your phone and set it up as new and manually set up your phone from scratch.

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Re: i4 email send slow

I used a backup from my 3gs. If I restore my phone as a new one will I loose my programs and data already in it backed up from the 3gs?

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Re: i4 email send slow

It doesn't seem to matter which I use as I get the same results.

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Re: i4 email send slow

What if I do a "Settings Reset", is that the same as a new set up?

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Re: i4 email send slow

You can try Reset all Settings but it's not the same as a new setup.


Yes if you set up as a new phone you will loose all your program data, saved games and settings.


Things like email, contacts, applications, photos etc should be fine as those should be saved to your computer and have you set up as new you can go in and check those to sync back.


If you've tried everything else then this is the last route.





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