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i-phone , OSI 5, microcell


i-phone , OSI 5, microcell

When we upgrades from samsung semi smart phones (that connected to microcell more often than not) to i phones (3gs, OSI 5) last month we lost all microcell connection. Extensive contact with ATT customer service resulted in exchanged Microcell unit, new home modem,wireless base unit, and the end result was "the software in the phones is programmed to choose even a weak 3g tower signal over a strong and close microcell signal" so only  if that changes will your micro cell be usefull again. we haven't seen a microcell signal since.

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Re: i-phone , OSI 5, microcell

Has anyone talked to apple about this as it seems to be there issue and not ATT's. 

Anyone conect customer support or the forums?

I purchased a MC last night and got it up and going with my 4s. Worked until this morning when I turned the 4s On and notice it was at my default 3G cell site which was low signal and not the MC. So it makes sence and back up your information about the phone picking a lower signal tower then the MC with a higher signal.


We need to get apple involved.  

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Re: i-phone , OSI 5, microcell

Just got off tech support at Apple and they said this seems to be a major issue. Not sure if they are working actively to fix it right now however said he would forward this to engineers for review. He recommended that more people call in about this the better and that would help engineers move to update the 4s code. He agreed that this seems to be a code issue. He said that also to try to reset the network settings of the 4s under Settings/General/Reset. And see if maybe this might help. I'll try this again when I get home. He did ask me how long it took before the 4s failed to reconnect to the MC. Told him I let the phone go to sleep when I went to bed and when it got up and woke the phone, it wasn't connected to the MC. 


So lets get all you 4s and MC users to call in to Apple and complain. Let us know what they said to you and get a case number. I did. Hope we can motivate them to fix this. I would be nice to the 4s to auto connect to the MC with out any interaction. Smiley Surprised


Keep us posted.  

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