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htc tilt doesn't read microsd cards, help?


htc tilt doesn't read microsd cards, help?


I have a one year old tilt that just stopped reading my microsd cards Smiley Sad.

I performed a hard reset but no luck.

I googled for solution but can't find any help. One post suggested that some 'ribbon' is damaged. I tried to slide the keyboard in and out to see

if that helps but the card doesn't get recognized or read.

Inserting the card does bring the phone out of standby.

I have another tilt that reads all the cards that I try to read with the first one, so it's not the 'damaged card' issue.

I compared the slots between the two with a magnifying glass but it doesn't look like I bent any pins.

I went to att store and was told that ALL card readers wear out and eventually stop working. (?) especially that I do take the card in out at least 2x/day.

Everything else in that phone works fine. (considering it's running windows.)


is it time for a new one? or perhaps I can prolong its life till my contract expires?


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Re: htc tilt doesn't read microsd cards, help?

Copy everything from the card to your computer.  Then format the card and try inserting it again.  If the Tilt still doesn't recognize it, I'd say the card is fried.  If it DOES, copy everything back to the card.  If it's not recognized after formatting and copying everything back, then there's a corrup file somewhere on  the card that's keeping the Tilt from recognizing it. That would be the first thing I would try to check it out.

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Re: htc tilt doesn't read microsd cards, help?

I did mention that I tried several different micro sd cards (of different capacities too) between the two tilts that I have.  unfortunately it looks like it's not the card but the phone, since the other one reads all of them fine.

Thanks for writing back.

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Re: htc tilt doesn't read microsd cards, help?

If the sd card is read on a different Tilt, pretty good chance your microUSB port is bad.  Next question, can you connect your Tilt to your PC via cable and look at your sd card through Mobile Device Center?  Now, if you have determined that the port is bad, HTC can repair for over $300.  Or, you can check these guys out...I have had two Tilts repair here:   Excellent service and very quick turn around time.

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Re: htc tilt doesn't read microsd cards, help?

Yes, I tried accessing the card via sync center but since the card does not get mounted in tilt it also does not show up via my computer.

I also called htc and was told the repair could be as much as $170 - if the motheboard needs to be changed.

Spending any money above $100 is out of question since I can upgrade to tilt2 for $99 via

Unless the phone dies and I can't make phonecalls I will wait till my contract expires and hopefully get the htc hd2.  did you see that one yet? 


Thank you for suggestion and your reply.


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Re: htc tilt doesn't read microsd cards, help?

When my usb port went bad (my bad!) HTC said it was integral to the motherboard and parts and labor would be >$300.  No thanks, send it back.  Then i shipped to PPCTECHS.  I had one with a bad usb and one with a damage cable (keyboard to LCD).  Both repaired and returned in 2 days under $200.
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Re: htc tilt doesn't read microsd cards, help?

I had the same problem with my At&T tilt not reading my micro sd card. What I Accdenly did was did was I Clear storge ( settings - clear storge ) with my sd card still inside tilt next thing I noticed it found my 16 gig sd card ( 16gig is the max sd card the tilt can accept that I seen ) working just fine. Now I can install mt tomtom on it....

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