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htc inspire wont turn on


htc inspire wont turn on

I've had my htc inspire 4g for a couple of months now and its been great few problems here and there but still good but today i recharged overnight and I went to get it and it wont turn on I took out the batteries and still wont go on what should I do

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Re: htc inspire wont turn on

Was the charging cable hooked up properly to the phone's charging port so that it could charge as it usually would? Try charging it some more and see what the screen reads back.

I haven't turned my Android phone on for a few days and I thought I had a half-full battery. Turns out, it was complete dead. It scared/worried me at first because the phone wouldn't turn on, but after I charged it, it fired right up and stayed on as it usually would.

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Re: htc inspire wont turn on

As Banchi suggest, try charging it.  Overnight, and on the wall charger, not USB, as charging over USB is much weaker.  Try another charger, if you have access to one.  If it still doesn't work, might be a hardware issue with the phone or a bad battery.

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