htc 4g inspire screen will not unlock


htc 4g inspire screen will not unlock

Today my HTC 4g Inspire will not unlock the screen when I press the bar and drag...never happened before.  All notifications at the top of the screen (eg, email recieved, signal strength, etc.) are normal but I can't unlock the screen...can only turn phone completely off by removing the battery (otherwise it goes to sleep mode).  Any suggestions?  Thanks!

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Re: htc 4g inspire screen will not unlock

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I am unable to unlock My HTC Inspire 4G when receiving voice calls 80% of the time. Some days I can drag down the unlock screen, get the Answer/Decline buttons and receive the call with no problem. Some days when the phone rings I am unable to unlock the screen to get the Answer/Decline buttons.

I cannot determine if this is a Hardware or Software problem. Phone is only 2 weeks old and bought new thru Radio Shack.

Any suggestions out there??

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