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how to send a e-mail to phone


how to send a e-mail to phone

Got a LG Neon II and trying to send a text to my e-mail account and sned a picture from my e-mail to my phone or wife's phone. Got 1400 unlimited data.

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Re: how to send a e-mail to phone

When trying to send a text message to your e-mail account, enter the message content as if it were a regular text message. But when trying to send it, you would usually have a phone number in the "Send To" bar. Instead of a phone number, type in your e-mail address. The text message should then send to your e-mail.


Now, from the e-mail containing the picture you would like to send, you should just be able to save that picture to your phone's pictures/other memory. If not, copy the picture and paste it in an e-mail message going out to your phone. Instead of a regular e-mail address, type in your phone number. Once the picture has sent to your phone, you could then easily send it to your wife's phone.


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