how to retrieve voicemails from another phone?


how to retrieve voicemails from another phone?

I am overseas and my cell phone of course does not work here although i have international roaming, so my only option to retrieve voicemails is to dial my phone number from a phone in this country.  My message comes up asking to leave a message but I don't know what button to press to retrieve my messages?  My old cell company allowed you to press any number during this message and it would ask for my password to retrieve messages.  How do you do this in ATT?
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Re: how to retrieve vocalism from another phone?

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Call your cell phone number and when it goes to voicemail hit the * key to interrupt the greeting and input your password (the password default if you have not changed it should be the last 7 digits of your cell phone number example. If your number is 8007771234 the password would be 7771234.) and then you would just operate your voicemail box as normal.


Hope this helps sorry no one answered sooner. Smiley Very Happy

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