how much will my tilt 2....

how much will my tilt 2....

how much will my tilt 2 sell on ebay that is running android 2.1??? any ideas?

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Re: how much will my tilt 2....

You could always go to Ebay and check prices to see.  Smiley Wink

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Re: how much will my tilt 2....

Your tilt 2 is just as worthless running an incomplete build of Android 2.1 as it is running the stock OS.


You need to be crystal clear as to what works and what does not work:


- No Sound

- No Power Management

- No WiFi

- No GPS

- No Bluetooth


Why would you advertise your device as "running android 2.1"?


FWIW:  Used Touch Pro 2's fetch between 80 and 120 bucks.  Good luck.

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